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Posted by contrapunctus on 26 November 2017 in English (English)

For some reason, I’ve moved to using OSMand instead of OSMtracker+JOSM for adding POIs. It’s just so quick and immediate, and doesn’t require me to remember or guess about anything. (well, for most part; I tried Vespucci a few times, but it’s not nearly as simple and quick).

I did wish OSMand could put multiple POIs in the same changeset, though. It added each POI into its own changeset. There is this checkbox to close the changeset, and it seems to be there for adding modifications to a POI to its previous changeset.

…or so I thought until today, when I saw my changeset history for the first time since I started editing in OSMand. Oh. My. God.

Once again in my time with OSM, I wish I could modify my changeset comments x-P

Comment from SomeoneElse on 26 November 2017 at 15:28

I wish I could modify my changeset comments

Just add a comment to the changeset discussion and don’t worry about it :)

Comment from contrapunctus on 27 November 2017 at 03:29

Thanks, I’ll do that! ^_^

Comment from GOwin on 27 November 2017 at 03:36

OsmAnd is also a favorite editor on Android. You can add multiple POIs in a single changeset, what you do is to simply continue adding the POIs without uploading each individually, and when you’re complete, go to Menu > My Places > OSM Edits where you’ll see all the saved edits you’ve made. You can choose what to upload, or select everything.

You leave any appropriate changeset comment that describes the edits you just made, and then optionally close the changeset. Once you hit ok, you can no longer modify a changeset comment.

Your OSM edits. image

Select only edits you want to include image

You can edit comments before the upload image

Comment from Alx303 on 27 November 2017 at 10:25

I always use the way described by GOwin and upload all my recent POIs in one changeset. After all, thats the idea of changesets.

Comment from contrapunctus on 28 November 2017 at 12:59

GOwin, thank you so much! I never knew about that, and always went about uploading POIs individually (yeouch). This is excellent! :D (and also rather unfortunately placed in the UI :>)

Comment from escada on 29 November 2017 at 04:45

Main drawbacks of OsmAnd for editing for me are:

  • you can only add point features
  • as I do not have an subscription for hourly updates, the map can be outdated (up to a month), so in the meantime someone could have added the same POI, especially in areas with several mappers.

Comment from GOwin on 29 November 2017 at 09:58

I am not fond of advanced editing, or drawing polygons on a mobile or tablet device. That said, I’m fine with OsmAnd not having said feature. I’m pretty sure I can draw the same polygon, with better details, and with less time and effort on my computer. ( An editor I really like is Go Map on iOS, and Vespucci)

I never found the hourly subscription necessary. I can either wait for the monthly update, or in a pinch, download a customized OsmAnd database, anytime, using the HOT export tools.

The power features of ~OsmAnd (from F-Droid, although I paid for the app, and can use the OsmAnd+ version) are great for those who use them, but there are other better looking renderers, and more user-friendly options available.

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