OSM redaction results...the map is okay (in Seattle, that is)

Posted by compdude on 23 July 2012 in English (English)

The OSM redaction has finished its thing in my city, Seattle, WA, USA. It's worse than I expected, in part because I underestimated the impact that node edits would have on the map. That means a lot of the ways now look all whacko because the nodes are all over the place. But compared to places like Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia it looks fine. One area that's the worst is this: I'll probably spend most of my time cleaning this area up, but I've been just browsing around looking for stuff that looks messed up. It's kinda boring and tedious, but I'm glad that another mapper and I were able to remap any ways affected by the license change beforehand. Nonetheless, there are still a few missing ways, but those are just stubs that have to be re-added.

My annoyance at the redaction bot subsides when I think of all the stuff that it's gobbled up in Australia...

EDIT: Actually the damage is worse than I thought: there weren't any deleted ways, but there's a lot of whacko-crazy ways like this and this. I am working to fix this kind of stuff.

Comment from stevage on 23 July 2012 at 07:08

Same reaction here - I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Plenty of stuff deleted around here - but much worse in other parts of the country. Sigh. I think 5 years from now, everyone will be scratching their heads and asking "so, remind me why we did that again?"

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