Last May, we were invited to join MapaTalks Vol.1 at the De La Salle University. We are joined with 15-20 mappers sharing about their projects and learning more about mapping.

mapatalks v1 1 mapatalks v1 2

Here we shared about what the inspiration behind the Ausome Maps projects, what we want to achieve and what more needs to be done.

mapatalks v1 3

We learned about some technologies that we want to incorporate with the platform that we are building and some insights on some to sustain the impact that we have started with Ausome Maps. Shoutout to Aimon, Mikko and Honey for the great insights.

mapatalks v1 4 mapatalks v1 5

We are thankful for the opportunity to share our project with the students and the greater mapping community at DLSU.

mapatalks v1 6 mapatalks v1 6

P.S. It was very refreshing to join an in-person event! Another bonus was meeting GeoLadiesPH there ❤️❤️ I missed you ladies!

mapatalks v1 7

Location: Barangay 726, Barangay 725, Malate, Fifth District, Manila, Capital District, Metro Manila, 1004, Philippines

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