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spaghetti and US highway junctions

Posted by ceyockey on 5 February 2012 in English.

I exposed a couple of junctions I'd made in Delaware to scrutiny and got "gee, borders on vandalism", "I would revert on sight", "love the detail" and "looks ok, but maybe overly complicated" types of responses. My argument about detail mapping of US highway junctions is that markings on the pavement have the force of law in some states (including Delaware) and, therefore, are valid for interpretation through restriction-type relations. The difficulty comes in the actual junction site and the many way-crossings which result from interpretation of pavement markings as legally-enforceable restrictions. --ceyockey

Equipment and software

Posted by ceyockey on 24 July 2009 in English. Last updated on 25 July 2009.

Just bought my first GPS unit today, an eTrex Legend H unit from Best Buy for ~$140. To extract data from the unit, I've started using GPSBabel, a free software package for interconversion between GPS data syntaxes. It was also necessary to download the Garmin USB driver from the Garmin site to enable the unit-PC connection. (correction regarding GPSBabel's status as free software based on input from Paul Johnson ... see comments on this thread).

Tags used in GPS track uploads

Posted by ceyockey on 24 July 2009 in English. Last updated on 18 August 2009.

Newly created
* ncc_delaware_usa = New Castle County, Delaware, United States
* revised_from_raw = typically a truncation of a track to exclude material from a heavily tracked area or irrelevant track segments

Previously existing
* car = track collected from an automobile
* done = done working with the track
* foot = track collected while walking

(last revised 17 August 2009)