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More cycle nodes and fixing some "finger painting"

Posted by cartinus on 25 February 2009 in English (English)

Last sunday I rode my bicycle along some nodes of the cycle node network. I tried to cycle from just at the other side of the canal to all the way out of the city. I got stuck at the end, because some roads were closed. First there was the construction of a new railroad viaduct and when I got past that, a whole section of road was removed for a new housing development.

Getting past the railroad construction gave me the opportunity to map the new cycleway along the newly constructed Vleutensebaan. While creating that cycleway in JOSM, I used the Yahoo aerial imaging to mark which sections of the railroad are now on an embankment and which ones are on a viaduct.

Just north of the railroad was an area where someone had drawn the streets ... in a way. The (straight) streets were all drawn crooked and none where connected at the intersections. I cycled all those streets and walked the footpaths. I didn't need to make as many pictures as I normally do since the streetnames were already in OSM. While I was in that area, I also added the landuse and some POI's.

Location: Parkhof, De Meern, Utrecht, Bestuur Regio Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3454, The Netherlands


Posted by cartinus on 21 February 2009 in English (English)

And another few missing streets in Terwijde added to Openstreetmap. This time some residential streets to the east and west of the Musicalkade.

Location: Utrecht, Bestuur Regio Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, The Netherlands

Rijksstraatweg and some weird "street"names

Posted by cartinus on 12 February 2009 in English (English)

A few weeks ago I made a slight detour on my way to work, so I could add another section of the provincial cycle node network to the map. Frome node 1 to 75:

A little closer to work I found some new streetsigns which are an excelent example of completely uninspired naming.

J.C. Verthorenkade
J.C. Verthorenpad
J.C. Verthorenplaats
J.C. Verthorenhof

A cycleway, a street, a park & ride and a kiss & ride (for holiday coaches) all within 150 meters and all named after the same dead guy.


Posted by cartinus on 15 December 2008 in English (English)

Last evening I rode my bicycle along all the cycleways in Papendorp (a commercial district under development in my hometown). While putting those cycleways on the map, I also added more detailed landuse with the help of Yahoo (and my observations). During the editting I noticed some weird looking road junctions and streets. I have to go back there anyway for the footpaths, so I can look at them then.

Location: Papendorp, Utrecht, Bestuur Regio Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3528, The Netherlands

Terwijde noord-west / Waterwinpark

Posted by cartinus on 7 December 2008 in English (English)

After work this morning I rode my bicycle all over the north-west part of Terwijde and the Waterwinpark. I sneaked along some footpaths too.

Location: Parkhof, De Meern, Utrecht, Bestuur Regio Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3454, The Netherlands

Mapping Kanaleneiland-Noord

Posted by cartinus on 30 November 2008 in English (English)

This is the second weekend I went out in the darkness and cold to map some details in the bad part of the neighbourhood. At night when it is freezing there's nobody loitering in the streets harassing other people.

Last weekend I did the blocks around the Eisenhowerlaan. This weekend I did the Peltplantsoen and the blocks to the north and south of it.

Location: Kanaleneiland, Utrecht, Bestuur Regio Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3527, The Netherlands

Family Meeting

Posted by cartinus on 2 June 2008 in English (English)

I had a family meeting in Boxtel today and decided to take the train to 's-Hertogenbosch. Riding my bicycle from there to the meeting along national cycleroute nr. 7 and the regional cycle node network. So later this week there will appear some red and blue lines on the next part of the cyclemap: