Mapping of Sukadana

Posted by camwebb on 12 February 2015 in English (English).

We began today the serious mapping of Sukadana, KalBar, Indonesia by staff at ASRI. Thanks to jrpepper for the original digitization from MapBox. Now Agus has started driving all the roads with his GPS and is remapping the roads based on his traces, and naming them all. This work will help our in-house GIS system, and hopefully be useful for others.

Comment from Rps333 on 12 February 2015 at 14:44

Cool. What about adding some mapillary photos as well?

Comment from camwebb on 13 February 2015 at 05:16

Maybe :-) Don’t have a phone to do it with though. Will try to link to some images in OSM.

Comment from MapMakinMeyers on 14 February 2015 at 14:10

can i send you a shapefile of the desas in the area so you could confirm them?

Comment from camwebb on 15 February 2015 at 06:24

@MapMakinMeyers: Yes, this would be great! We are trying to get a desa map from Pemda, but don’t have one yet. We could give it a first scan by eye, then keep it handy as we work through the area. There are still some disputes about desa boundaries! Email on website.

Comment from MapMakinMeyers on 16 February 2015 at 14:11

just sent the e-mail. let me know if the desa names are correct. Thanks!

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