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Posted by brianboru on 11 November 2008 in English (English).

The Number 11 bus route in Birmingham is a local icon. It connects all the outer suburbs in a circular route and is the longest urban bus route in Europe. The 11A goes anticlockwise and the 11C goes clockwise

So today being the eleventh day of the eleventh month publicised for people to board the 11 bus anywhere on the route at 11 a.m and record their trips as a social record.

So I did my bit for OSM by boarding at the Acocks Green Garage (where the no 11 has its home) and spent the next 2.5 hours doing a complete round trip, recording every bus stop in the clock wise direction.

40.7 Km later I had 134 GPS-waymarked bus stops to edit ( that should keep me occupied for a while). I didn't have the stamina to go round anticlockwise! I'll leave that for a cold rainy winter day when biking to collect data is not an option.

My driver for the day was Raf from Poland who has been driving this route since 2005, he drives the route 3 times a day and it is the only bus route he has driven. Drivers go round a complete circuit and change buses every time they get to Acocks Green bus garage

Location: Fox Hollies, Birmingham, West Midlands Combined Authority, England, B28 8RJ, United Kingdom

Comment from Xoff on 11 November 2008 at 19:10

That's cool, I am looking forward to see the ring-shaped change set on ITO :-) I thought it would take much longer to go round the whole circle.

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