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High intensity OSM data capture just driving about..

Going to be very quiet for a while then! My intended route back through remote-ish SA has mostly already been covered.. Might be doing something south of Clare then east into Ouyen Vic in a few weeks..

Automating Viofo A129 Dashcam upload to Mapillary

Loosely related, the BlackVue dashcams NMEA stream is out of sync with the actual video by about 2 seconds. ie it is smart to extract all the streams, concatenate and uniq them, convert to GPX, then use as a single gpx input for each mp4. Perhaps the A29 has the same issue.

Server side Mapillary processing actually only creates 117 of a possible 120-121 images of a 2FPS stream 1 minute stream, since it processes on a file by file basis. I dont do local mp4>jpg processing myself as it results in 2x upload size (cost), so put up with the resultant gaps.

Cheers Bob

Viofo A129 time-lapse mode


Am sure you have checked, but looking at the exiftool doc

-ee3 rather than just -ee

I have not tried this myself, just reading stuff..

(same username for mapillary)

Cheers Bob

Regional parking and rest areas - my method

Hi Marcos

I only tag highway=rest_area if a formal rest area sign exist. (commonly a tree and picnic table graphic) In any case I create toilets and picnic tables as separate objects.

And I distinguish between formal or not, amenity=parking also based on a sign (commonly a white/blue “P”)

Please be aware that most of my work is on remote Australian roads where many stopping places are not formal and often not paved.


My workflow method...

Hi and thanks for your comments.

In an effort to streamline things I had started by clicking on the imagery on top of the Viking map. It seems though that my current method of scrolling through the images with Geeqie is better/faster than Viking. I can see the image full screen in another workspace.

If anything launching the browser session from Geeqie is a the more desirable thing. I could certainly construct a URL for that, but pushing the lat/lon into an existing session would be more useful. That I don’t know how to do!

Roadside Rest Areas in Australia

Mateusz: I have started creating Campground features at the location where the signs are. The “Name” being “NO CAMPING - Sign” or similar. The “Operator” is the authority of the sign (council, national parks etc) and the “Allowed Access” is No.

This is in addition to any other features at that location.

I hope this will be a good starting point.

Roadside Rest Areas in Australia

Is there any point specifically tagging for signposted “no camping” and/or “no overnight stays in vehicles” and the like. I realise (per above) that is partly defined by omission of tourism=camp_site, but definite negatives may be handy for the end user.