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Posted by blackadder on 16 May 2008 in English (English)

Spent a pleasant day yesterday in Ireland. Drove from Shannon to Galway and back and picked up some alternative routes that hadn't been mapped yet. Also a few residential and other streets in Galway itself as well as generally tweaking roads in the area. A couple of observations from the trip, the rural roads in Ireland are as bumpy as hell and a lot more streets don’t have a name than I am used to. Galway seemed to have many small private housing estates where the name of the estate is the name of the road and the format of signage different in each case.

Location: Townparks, St Nicholas, Galway City, County Galway, Connacht, Ireland

Comment from Marlow on 17 November 2008 at 20:52

Howdy, just bumped over a few of your mappings in Ireland and thus had a look in the diary.

Yes, Ireland is an odd case. L-roads (tertiary) have been numbered since 2006, but a lot of them don't have their numbers signed yet.

Generally speaking, postal and thus naming for geographically associated things are different in Ireland.

Only Dublin and Cork have postcodes or more post districts. Roads are only named in the cities and villages, but not in rural Ireland (at all).

The same is for house numbers, they don't exist in rural Ireland. In cities and villages they obviously are unavoidable.

Your observation with the housing estates probably comes from, how things are done postal wise in rural Ireland. The address consists of the name of the person, the townland, the village, where the nearest post office, but that can vary and obviously the county. From there, the post guy (or girl) has to know, who lives in what house. So when you move an area, the first thing is to catch the post guy or go to the post office and tell'em, what your name is, what house you live in and who else lives there. They'll generally be able to deliver your post then. Also a lot of people don't have their names at the door or on the mailbox.

As for signing, it varies a lot, because you can find various generations of different signing and then for the housing estates, everybody wants to look apart, so everybody does their own thing. It's not regulated, really.

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