L'autopista AP-7 ja té entrades i sortides a l'Ametlla de Mar

Posted by bitic on 26 April 2011 in Catalan (Català)

Aprofitant traces de GPS que tenia emmagatzemades, he acabat de completar la sortida de l'AP-7 a l'Ametlla. Segur que hi queden detalls pendents, però crec que ha estat un bon primer projecte a l'OpenStreetMap. El que m'agradaria saber, és quant de temps tarden les modificacions a propagar-se a tot el sistema.

Location: Racons, l'Ametlla de Mar, Baix Ebre, Tarragona, Catalunya, 43860, Espanya

Comment from Notaris on 28 April 2011 at 20:10

Hola bitic!

Espero que entens el angles, perque el meu catala es molt limitat!

The changes are in the OSM database
a) immeditately when using Potlach in Live-Mode
b) when "saving" (Potlatch) or when "uploading" (as with editors such as JOSM or Merkator)

The time it takes to propagate to "downstream products" depends very much on the products.

Maybe you refer to the Map (Standardmap is Mapnik) on the openstreetmap Website. This map is nowadays usually updated within minutes to hours (in the wiki are still a lot outdated references to the weekly update rhythm that was the case at the beginning), depending on server load and complexity of the tiles. Only coastlines are an exception, which usually are only updated within several weeks.

Other downstream products are updated on daily, weekly or a lesser basis.

Examples are:
a) OSM Inspector updates mostly on daily basis (
b) Most Garmin Maps are updated weekly (

Hope that answers your question

Comment from bitic on 28 April 2011 at 21:32

Hola Notaris!

Moltes gràcies per la teva completa resposta. Efectivament em referia a al Mapnik. :-)

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