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Posted by biffe on 10 September 2018 in English (English)

When I’m buying coffee in a café, I’m disappointed to get it from a coffee dispenser. Therefore, I’d like to tag the avilable coffee making such as dispenser, french press, portafilter and so on.

Who would like to join the efforts in collecting and maintaing the data? What attributes shall be used.

update 2018-09-13: I’ve created a project page to track progress and to discuss data model:

Location: Kreuzviertel, Bezirksteil Kreuzviertel, Stadtbezirk 01 Altstadt-Lehel, Munich, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, 80333, Germany

Comment from GreyTK on 13 September 2018 at 00:38

I like your idea, and I think it will be used by a lot of detail mappers once the tagging system is established! You should work on writing a proposal for

First, it would be wise to be familiar with the attributes already being widely used. There are many tags that relate to coffee shops, and here are just a few that I found: *amenity=cafe *cuisine=coffee_shop *shop=coffee *vending=coffee

More importantly, for what you are proposing, I think that you will want to study the already established: *Key:drink and *Key:coffee

I think that the best way to implement your idea is to take the Key:coffee and explain the set of acceptable values. So far [searching on for Key:coffee] ( I have only seen Value:yes. It seems that this is a better place to implement your idea than using the Key:drink:coffee, because there is already an accepted set of values that are more generalized for all types of drinks.

I would be interested in contributing to the discussion of Key:coffee, to get this idea out there :)

Comment from biffe on 13 September 2018 at 10:56

Hi @GreyTK! Thanks for supporting! I’ve created a projekt page in the wiki. Can you please have a look on the keys and values there? Page is currently in German but I can also make it English.

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