Minutely Extracts

Posted by bdon on 11 February 2020 in English (English).

Minutely Extracts

Minutely Extracts ( is a new service for on-demand OpenStreetMap extracts in .osm.pbf format.



  • Data is updated once per minute from the main OpenStreetMap replication diffs. Your changes on can be consumed almost immediately, making editing more rewarding.
  • Select a bounding box or draw a polygonal region up to 100 million nodes.
  • Small areas can be extracted in seconds.


  • I am running Minutely Extracts as a public service to help improve the mapping experience.
  • Code is available at : this is a command line utility and serialization format specific to planet-scale, spatially indexed OSM data.
  • Extracts do not include metadata such as version numbers, Changeset IDs, timestamps or usernames.
  • Extracts are reference-complete for ways and multipolygon relations.

Future work

  • Please contact me at if you’re interested in creating extracts via API. Example: automating daily extracts to ingest updated OSM data.
  • Since OSM Express is a simple serialization format, It can support other use cases such as minute-frequency editing statistics.

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