video series about crannógs

Posted by b-unicycling on 21 November 2022 in English. Last updated on 3 December 2022.

I’m still “obsessing” about crannógs. There are now 205 mapped in Ireland and the UK with site_type=crannog. The timing is unfortunate with the proposal about changing site_type=crannog to archaeological_site pending, but I have been delayed for so long; I did not want to wait any longer. I’m adding disclaimers to every video to keep watching out for tag changes…

Five parts of a mini series about crannógs are planned, two of them have been published on my channel already, one will go public next Saturday.

I have created a page on the wiki mentioning some of the sources for finding crannógs, and I’m basically covering all the options in these videos.

I’m hoping to gather some interest from historians and archaeologists in OpenStreetMap with this. Long shot…


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