Oostende, Belgium

Posted by aude on 31 July 2009 in English (English)

I'm new to OpenStreetMap, though not new to mapping/GIS and am a long-time Wikipedian. I got a GPS unit about a month ago and took it with me to the State of the Map conference in Amsterdam.

Afterwards, I spent some time in Belgium. I had some idea that Europe was well-mapped in OSM, but noticed Oostende (along the coast) was poorly mapped. So, I spent a bit of time walking along the beach and around town doing some mapping. I mapped numerous streets, along with the walking paths in Leopold II Park.

In the past few days, I finally got around to uploading my traces and mapping them. I tried using JOSM, though my computer is not new and JOSM is unusable. I can use other Java applications just fine, like NASA WorldWind. I had also looked at Potlatch previously and was not terribly impressed, though looked again and noticed improvements. :) Potlatch works for viewing and mapping my traces, though I think further improvements are still needed along with other good tools.



Oostende is a sizable town, with approximately 70,000 residents along with many visitors.

I didn't have time to get all of the streets in the part of town where I was, and there are large sections of Oostende that I didn't touch at all and still need mapping. There also is a need to map POIs and other details.

Location: Vogelzang, Oostende, West Flanders, Flanders, 8400, Belgium

Comment from Firefishy on 1 August 2009 at 05:00

Nice improvement!

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