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North East Greenland

Posted by andershl on 5 April 2019 in English (English).

I have imported some 4500 place names for North Eastern Greenland - most if it an uninhabited national Park - see

The names are all points, so you are all invited to assist in finishing the job of assigning the names to the correct landscape features.

The source database, the change sets, How and why, written permission etc. can all be seen at

I have myself fixed the majority of islands. Most just need the name assigned to the existing outline and the temporary point deleted.

For most of the rest the outline first have to be closed (so far beyond my skills) or established.

All assistance is welcome.

Location: Greenland

Potlatch and contour lines

Posted by andershl on 23 April 2015 in Danish (Dansk).

Hi, once upon a time I entered this dam lake based upon the dam itself and the countur lines for the area behind:

Now I plainly forgot how, and I need to mark up the next one. I use potlatch 2, but simply cannot find a way to show the contour lines when editing……