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Быстрый мапинг подъездов 3 days ago

Кста-а-ати, первые утверждения-то я и не прочитал. Постоянно вижу, как в доме пропущены одна-две квартиры в середине. А в Петербурге вообще ни на что нельзя полагаться.

Быстрый мапинг подъездов 4 days ago

А, ещё. Велосипед — это очень здорово. Пешком собирать подъезды неэффективно. Но есть нюанс: при картировании постоянно нужно останавливаться и ехать снова, а у велосипеда большая инерция и большая энергия старта. Поэтому самокат выходит эффективнее.

Быстрый мапинг подъездов 4 days ago

Как я замапил в прошлом году почти 300 подъездов за три часа: берёшь фотоаппарат и включаешь GPS-трекер. Встаёшь на самокат и щёлкаешь все подъезды по пути, получается 2-3 в минуту, если считать перегоны между домами. Затем дома открываешь всё это в josm и вперёд :)

Когда села батарейка на фотоаппарате, открыл Vespucci и добавлял там заметки — не сами подъезды. Это тоже довольно быстро, но для ускорения приходилось проезжать и запоминать числа для 2-3 подъездов и потом добавлять сразу пачку заметок. Затем дома снова josm и т.д.

On Vector Tiles about 2 months ago

Hi Wille, I think you misunderstood the idea of a mup builder a bit. I wasn't writing about a uMap-like functionality to put custom data on top of the map. Neither I was advocating towards a Mapbox Studio-like full-fledged map editor. It was more about a simple sandbox-like experimental, not too complex map style editor, like the one we had with Cloudmade, but even more geared towards showcasing OSM features. It would require a lot of work on the design, but if done right, it will change the outlook of OSM for the best.

Using the website to showcase common features, like geocoding and routing, has helped in the past. Now a lot of people know you can do that with our map. But also in that we are far behind commercial alternatives, with MapCat being one of the best. So by now we have a very bad user-facing site, and instead of going our own way and making the best mapper-facing website, we struggle with making it slightly less bad for general users.

public_transport=stop_position nodes 2 months ago

I think some people would object to placing "railway=halt" / "railway=station" not on tracks.

public_transport tags don't add any information 2 months ago

Why disregard relations? Is "public_transport:version=1" basically a flag that means "this object has no meaning, please ignore but not delete it"? OSM is no place for such objects, imo. Or is it a note like "fixme=*"? In that case, a simple fixme would do, without any special tags.

public_transport tags don't add any information 2 months ago

Jo, why do you insist on using "public_transport:version" tag? It's not like there is software that requires the first one, or that there are two schemas in operation simultaneously. A route is either correct or not. To me (and my validators), a version tag with value of 1 is always an error, one of many, that needs to be fixed. Not a reason to ingore a route.

I think the decision to introduce the version tag was wrong, and I hope it will go away the same as stop positions and public_transport=platform. It does not add any information to a route, but provokes data consumers to make ill-adviced decisions, like ignoring routes or treating them differently — like the proposal for v2 wasn't approved.

public_transport tags don't add any information 2 months ago

You might be glad to know I've finished my proposal for PTv3 which addresses most of your concerns. Thanks for discussing it while in draft stage.

Map-[A]ddiction has Rewards 2 months ago

I am very happy that we as a community have something to offer to such dedicated mappers as you :) Good luck with the awards!

Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 3 months ago

You lost everybody here on "sexism against men".

Схемотехника 17, 17 июля 3 months ago

Спасибо, что используете наши карты, Husim! Постараемся!

Results of OSM user demographic survey now available 3 months ago

Yes, splitting mappers by continent could provide some more insight: for example, in Africa and Asia there is a lot to be mapped, while in Europe modifying existing objects is often required.

Results of OSM user demographic survey now available 3 months ago

Your work is awesome. We frequently talk about numbers, but as far as I remember, nobody before tried to measure what people of different genders map. Thanks for sharing!

CC license map tiles collection 3 months ago

You might have already seen it, but here are two map collections:

Bad netiquette in the community 3 months ago

Previous comments:

Bad netiquette in the community 3 months ago

Deleting the old post with all the comments and recreating it with the same text certainly does not add you virtual community points.

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 3 months ago

OSM is a collaborative effort for mapping by entusiasts, not an organized venture to map as much as possible for the sake of numeric reports. Which means, if you don't live in that area and cannot contribute anything without imagery, try another area, where you can. If you do, stop marvelling at proprietary imagery, go out, collect GPS traces and POIs, and map it.

For a base road network, you could politely ask Christoph (imagico) to georeference the fresh low-detail imagery, so you could trace roads from it.

Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 3 months ago

I've read an article in Quillette recently on the topic. It cites a review of the first paper above by OIga Khazan, which ends with:

It could just be that, feeling financially secure and on equal footing with men, some women will always choose to follow their passions, rather than whatever labor economists recommend. And those passions don’t always lie within science.

And the key point in that article is,

Our community must face the difficult truth that we aren’t likely to make further progress in attracting women to computer science. Women can code, but often they don’t want to. We will never reach gender parity. You can shame and fire all of the Damores you find, but that won’t change the underlying reality.

It’s time for everyone to be honest, and my honest view is that having 20 percent women in tech is probably the best we are likely to achieve. Accepting that idea doesn’t mean that women should feel unwelcome. Recognizing that women will be in the minority makes me even more appreciative of the women who choose to join us.

But that estimate is for countries with excellent gender equality. Which are very few. We can do better.

Bad netiquette in the community 3 months ago

It is normal for a decentralized community like ours. Besides a multitude of mailing lists, we have the forum with many regional subforums, the wiki with discussions happening on distinct pages, several IRC and Telegram groups, and Slack channels which US mappers use. I doubt we can force everyone to a single communications platform, let alone room. And if we could, nobody would be able to follow any discussions.

Rendering non-default language in OSM-Carto standard map 4 months ago

Or you can find "name" in mss styles and replace these with COALESCE(tags->'name:ta', name). Although it might be a difficult process.