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Welcome to OpenStreetMap! about 2 hours ago

I assumed it's obvious this fictional text is not about individual mappers, but of something else :)

Feasibility of Telegram channel as a major matter of communication for Russian OSM community 2 days ago
  1. You do not violate any laws by using Telegram here. Telegram Inc. and VPN owners do.
  2. The official comms channel is Russian Forum. Telegram is an extra, just like IRC was. And Russian IRC is not used for a long time, the last IRC user switched to Telegram this year.
  3. Not listing the telegram channel in the iD panel would mean losing people who already have Telegram installed, but don't have time to learn tech from 90s to participate in forum discussions. We are drastically lowering the bar for new users by providing them with the Telegram group option.
What is an import? 3 days ago

that criteria is difficult to translate into rules a computer can apply

Well, this applies to all but the first four items on your list. And the fourth one is questionable.

And you are starting to discuss imports, not their detection.

Again, I am pretty sure you cannot tell a proper import from a regular edit. Regarding the source cirteria, you never know what a mapper used for tracing or tagging, the same as with imports.

What is an import? 3 days ago

There are no imports. Import is an invented construct made by Germans to try to keep their map in check. That's why no matter what algorithm you choose, you'd get tons of false positives and false negatives.

Some Accounts Made Many Crossing Ways and Buildings at OSM Data in Jakarta, Indonesia 10 days ago

All imagery is offset. Including DigitalGlobe imagery and GeoCenter's. To use it properly, you must first download GPS traces and offset the imagery, so they align with roads. After that you should save the offset into the imagery offset database, so you have something to point new mappers to.

Then, if somebody breaks your data, that does not mean they are paid by some evil company specifically to disrupt your business. Chill. This is OSM, it is always broken. If you wanted to make a perfect geodata, you'd use qgis and shapefiles. Mappers here are volunteers who map for fun and dislike a corporate attitude like yours.

Finally, if JOSM shows a warning, that does not mean data is broken. JOSM validator is very opinionated.

Пасха, солнце, море... 15 days ago

Полностью согласен с первой половиной поста.

The Subway Validator evolves about 1 month ago
  1. Angle around 0° means the order of the stops is incorrect. Like, instead of "A→B→C→D→E" in the route relation there is "A→B→D→C→E".
  2. It's okay, it is only a warning. I recommend using "platform_entry_only" and "platform_exit_only" roles.
  3. Please check the first and last station of these route relations. As I can see from the YAML dump, they both have "Westkreuz" as the last station. The validator expects for every "A→B" route to find a corresponding "B→A".
The Subway Validator evolves about 1 month ago

Hi Toni,

Thanks for looking into fixing the Munich S-Bahn. The error means that the node 737174134 is a part of a route relation, a stop in this case. For it, the validator needs to find a corresponding subway station object. It does so via a stop_area relation that the node should be in. It is — but the relation does not include the station node. Adding it to the stop_area relation will solve the issue.

The Subway Validator evolves about 1 month ago

I have added the Valencia system, will be up in 3-4 hours.

Switch2osm "Manually building a tile server" page updated about 1 month ago

Thanks for writing and, I believe, testing all of this. I sometimes visit switch2osm just for these instructions. The links you gave are also very valuable, I haven't seen Ircama's before.

Do you think at this point the whole instruction should be just "docker up wherever/openstreetmap"? Following the same steps for 4 years seems to be a bit redundant in 2018.

OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community about 1 month ago

Every time I see people like cray33 complain that women or a minority group is oppressing them, I remember this amazing song by Bo Burnham:

OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community about 2 months ago

Selene and Christoph, thank you for your comments on diversity of the awards. I too feel the this is an issue. Maybe we could chat via irc/slack/skype/mumble/whatever and try to come up with some ideas on how we could improve the diversity?

OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community about 2 months ago

cray33, apart from the insulting nature of your comment, you are somewhat right. You cannot change the nature. But you can read scientific articles that prove that there are no differences in cognitive and intellectual abilities for people of different genders. For example, this one:

The return of the OSM rank table about 2 months ago

Comments like this make me immediately go and save the webpage. Take it as a opinion table of a user, not as an official OSMF user ranking. To me, such personal touches are what makes a table useful.

Some problems of Russian forum 2 months ago

RSergei, вы когда в последний раз читали тему про на форуме? Я там никого не блокировал уже очень давно. Только, как описывает топикстартер, выдал предупреждение за обсуждение модерации. В теме про Офтопик и очевидное нарушение правил, нет?

SMART bus stops 2 months ago

Awesome work!

About another OSMF board meeting 3 months ago

On the results of face to face meetings:

To me a F2F felt like the most productive meeting of all year. Basically we come up with new ideas and discuss them, and then from these we form a plan for an upcoming year. We don't have any communication delays or distractions, as with email or IRC. We have plenty of paper and post-it notes to record our ideas, unlike Mumble. We are not confined to discussing past matters, like on regular Board meetings. F2F is where the strategic planning is done, usual meetings are for finalizing current matters.

Some problems of Russian forum 3 months ago

You can discuss Maps.Me, if you refrain from personal insults to developers, just like with any other project. 15 pages of discussions in the relevant topic show that.

The restriction for discussing moderation is common to any well-moderated forum. Otherwise we'd have to block much more people than we do now.

Why I like the Poster Competitions ! Please organise in the State of the Map 2018 again ! 3 months ago

Thanks for writing this! I agree, poster competitions are fun. And that was me who took this marvellous Pop Art poster home :)

Subway Routing in Maps.Me 3 months ago

AgusQui, I see the issue with Buenos Aires has been resolved, thank you for correcting the subway system there.

For futher errors and updates to numbers, there is a link to a spreadsheet at the bottom of the validation page. That table has reference numbers for every rapid transit system in the world. Please add a comment there, and I will update numbers promptly.