Happy ODbL Planet Anniversary!

Posted by Zverik on 12 September 2022 in English (English).

Dar es-Salaam in 2012 and 2022

Ten years ago on this day we changed the license for our data to ODbL, Open Database License 1.0. That was the final action of the lengthy relicensing process, which followed an exciting show of redacting and remapping the planet.

In July 2012 we started every day with watching the redaction progress map, discussing how the redaction bot devoured our precious map data, and making memes on the way.

After the bot finished its work, we started remapping everything we had lost. Poland and Australia were particularly broken, but most other countries had their losses. Alas we could not make everybody agree to the new contributor’s terms, so some mapping had to be done twice. But the work went better than expected, and it was then when we felt that the community is more important than the map, and that OSM can survive the loss of the latter.

In mid-September, the first planet file under ODbL was published. Its date was 12th, which is today. Happy anniversary! I welcome you to watch the map from that time, marvel at how much we had mapped back then, and compare it to the current map:

You’re free to do whatever with the tiles, including downloading in bulk or stitching with BigMap 2 (there’s an “Enqueue” button that does the work for you). Tiles are published under the same license as the regular tiles. Please if you download tiles in bulk, do it responsibly, with delays. The server will go away on October 31st.

Comment from mvexel on 12 September 2022 at 16:01

Happy ODbLiversary!

Did you happen to use OSM Vintage Tile Server to generate the 2012 tiles? I am just curious if people find it useful :)

Great to see this.

Comment from Zverik on 12 September 2022 at 16:23

Hey Martijn, you’ve made a great tool, but I did it the old way, by downloading an old planet extract and setting up a tile server :) I’m pretty sure your scripts would be useful to people who are not used to setting up tile servers.

I did the same some years ago for 2008 here, btw. Except that for 2008 I removed the US to minimize the extract, because of the TIGER import.

Comment from mvexel on 12 September 2022 at 16:29

Oh, great to know about the 2008 one too. Since I just took my 2008 “OSM then and now” service offline I can point people to this!

Comment from mvexel on 13 September 2022 at 15:04

Thanks for reminding me to write up a diary for my docker-based approach. Just did that!

Comment from Zverik on 16 September 2022 at 06:28

I thought, why do we fixate on 2008? 2009 would make more sense because it’s an API 0.6 changeover year.


Comment from mvexel on 16 September 2022 at 13:16

That is awesome. Thanks for making this available!

Comment from mvexel on 16 September 2022 at 13:28

I chose 2008-01-01 initially because for the USA, we were in the middle of the TIGER import. You see a lot of stuff like this. By 2009 most of this had been cleaned up, although a lot of garbage remained. Which is the case even today… Plug: if you want to help clean up, search MapRoulette for ‘TIGER’ :)

Comment from GinaroZ on 19 September 2022 at 16:30

@Zverik - the 2008 map doesn’t load in that 4 map page for me?

Comment from mvexel on 19 September 2022 at 18:03

@GinaroZ there may just not be any map data to look at yet in 2008! If you look at areas where mapping activity was already underway in 2008, you will see a more interesting map, like here.

Comment from GinaroZ on 19 September 2022 at 18:30

Your link doesn’t work either - should’ve checked dev tools first, the console gives a cert error for those tiles, e.g.

Comment from Zverik on 19 September 2022 at 18:34

2008 tile server is on a different machine and sometimes it crashes for no reason. I’m restarted it, but who know how long it’ll work.

Comment from mvexel on 30 September 2022 at 15:12

@Zverik this is now on the Hacker News front page, you may see some heavy load on your 2012 tile server…

Comment from Zverik on 30 September 2022 at 16:44

Ha, definitely did not plan for than kind of load :) Thanks for the heads up!

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