Maps Update: April 17 → May 13

Posted by Zverik on 16 May 2018 in English (English)

A new minor release of MAPS.ME is coming, and just now I’ve got the new data for it — with numbers on size and features difference with the old data. First, sizes:

  • Indonesia_Central.mwm: 107 up to 127 MB
  • Tanzania.mwm: 212 up to 225 MB
  • US_Indiana_North.mwm: 19 up to 25 MB

Basically the same as the last time, except Portugal was replaced by Indiana state. And there was some prominent activity in all of Peru.

  • Somebody has traced a few thousand highway=track around Buenos Aires.
  • In Patagonia, Argentina, ~300 hamlets (50%) were demoted to isolated_dwellings.
  • Austria_Carinthia: import of ~3000 address points, +50%.
  • Brazil_Bahia: somebody mapped ~7000 power towers, +73%.
  • Brazil_Rio Grande do Norte: from 5 salt ponds to 238.
  • Canada_British Columbia_Islands: from 14 natural=cape to 635.
  • Canada_Newfoundland_West: somebody almost doubled the number of mapped buildings: 487 → 806.
  • Chile_North: 81% of place=hamlets disappeared.
  • Congo-Kinshasa_Kivu: traced ~7000 segments of residential roads, +54%.
  • The same in Gabon: +6000 segments, +160%.
  • Ecuador_West: seems like many supermarkets were imported, 845→1923 (+128%).
  • France_Pays de la Loire_Sarthe: somebody likes tracing fences, 350→3350.
  • In French Alpes, especially in Ardeche, ~9000 intermittent streams were added.
  • In Iceland, somebody retagged ~100 footways to cycleways, and added lit=yes tag to ~700 highway segments.
  • India_Assam: +11500 buildings (+90%).
  • India_Uttar Pradesh: 65 → 247 toilets.
  • Indonesia: so many new roads mapped, most prominent +40k residential in Jawa Tengah and +32k tracks in central Indonesia.
  • Ireland_Leinster: +250 wheelchair=limited tags (+54%).
  • Japan_Chubu Region_Gifu: somebody had a great survey walk there, adding ~50 each shops, temples, information boards, graveyards, company offices etc.
  • Mauritania: from 7 to 87 castles.
  • Morocco: at least 12k new surface=* tags on roads.
  • Namibia: all highway=road and highway=living_street tags were replaced.
  • New Zealand: there’s an ongoing address points import, at least ~87k new (+65%).
  • In Nothern Norway somebody imported (or mapped?) ~13k power towers.
  • In Peru, schools and kindergartens were imported: +30k / +186% and +24k / +262%.
  • In Poland, somebody is drawing area:highway=footway, at least 6k new objects.
  • Russia_Arkhangelsk Oblast_North: almost all landuse=garages were removed, 135→18.
  • Russia_Moscow: imported 2700 address points.
  • Russia_Smolensk Oblast: somebody has a good mapping night, adding, among other stuff, 870 barrier=fences.
  • Singapore: 158 → 84 landuse=military. Demilitarization or concealing?
  • In South Africa many rural features were mapped, including farmlands, tracks and especially 2750 waterway=ditch lines.
  • Spain_Catalonia_Provincia de Girona: 388 → 670 admin_level=4 boundaries.
  • Spain_Andalusia_Sevilla and Spain_Cantabria: ~4000 new building:part objects, somebody making everything 3D?
  • The same in Tanzania: +2000 building:part (+78%).
  • UK_England_Greater London: from 78 down to 4 castles.
  • UK_England_South West England_Bristol: deleted all but 99 riverbanks (-97%).
  • US_California_Sacramento_Stockton: imported ~70k buildings, +56%.
  • US_Colorado: removed 2/3 of address points, ~10k.
  • US_Indiana_North: imported 150k address points, +600%.
  • US_Texas: at least 16k new surface=* tags, doubling their count.
  • Vietnam: 73 → 343 jewelry shops.

This list has taken more than a hour to write — but I imagine it took a million human-hours to map all that. Great work!

Comment from PlaneMad on 16 May 2018 at 18:50

Thank you for the data bulletin!

Comment from Omnific on 16 May 2018 at 22:50

Really cool stats, that’d be cool to see every so often before a new release.

Comment from alan_gr on 17 May 2018 at 07:30

The building:part increase in Spain may be due to the ongoing import of data from the national Cadastre. The data has quite a lot of detail about the height of different sections of buildings and thus generates a lot of building:part elements. I don’t know for sure if the provinces you mention were especially active in this process.

Comment from Stereo on 17 May 2018 at 10:08

I love the data bulletin idea too, that’s so cool! Will you make it a regular thing?

Comment from Zverik on 17 May 2018 at 10:13

Thanks for the responses, I’ll try to keep doing this :)

I’d like to know what caused some of the things on the list, if anybody knows. For my part, I can explain new addesses in Moscow: we’ve got ahold of open data with these, and have imported around ¹⁄₃ of the set. There are ~4000 buildings with new address tags besides these address points. Each new address has to be verified manually, so the progress is very slow.

Comment from Wynndale on 18 May 2018 at 05:50

Kivu is an ongoing project with Missing Maps. The disappearance of castles in London is a followup to

Comment from Dalkeith on 18 May 2018 at 14:26

Thanks for update Zverik

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