Closing In

Posted by Zabot on 4 August 2016 in English (English).

The corners of the sky have been ironed out and the last few issues with lighting have been resolved. Sunsets now have a gradual lighting change instead of an instant threshold. Sunset

This image isn’t actually a render from OSM2World, its the view of a cubemap generated from the center of times square. Now that cubemaps can be generated from the center of each building, calculating the reflections on that building is just like calculating the reflections with the mountain cubemap from last week, just with a separate cubemap for each building Cubemap

That cubemap was actually generated in 4K resolution, and the performance impact was hardly noticeable compared to the geometry computation time. A cubemap of that size does however take up a ton of graphics memory. Because the clarity of reflections is not as important, the resolution can be easily reduced depending on the system and number of buildings that have to be processed.

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