State of the Map Africa Online Conference was on 19th – 21st of November 2021 but for me I it started preparing for it since signed in to attend the conference online, I was always eager to attend the SOTM Africa conference but I had no chance but thank God that this time its was online which gave me a chance to attend. Day 1. On 19th at 1:30Am, I set off for a journey of 196 km from Mbale to Kampala city in Uganda for a meeting at the hive collabo where OpenStreetMap Uganda offices are located, having it minds that the SOTM Africa conference will commence at 11:30 Am EAST as earlier communicated but unfortunately it started at 12:00 pm. While at the hive collabo I met Mr. Ngumenawe Samson, Mr. Tumusime Ronald, Mr. Allah Mbabane, Mrs. Davitch, Mr. KIcca Solomon and others who joined the conference using one laptop which projected on a big screen. Joining for the first time was hard me reason being it was my first time to interact with hopin application but as person with an IT background I had to figure out and by following the video tutorial it eventually become too easy for me to join in the conference Mrs. Laula Mugeha give some key notes and introductions well as direction on the how different rooms will be organised. I joined room 1 and I a had wounderful presentation from Mrs. shamilla Nasozi whereby I was intrigued by the activities carried in Uganda according to their presentation. Day 2 was also another day of experience and connection with participants where by a physical mapathon was organised at map Uganda and mapping and collaborating with other members of OSMug took place and I personally got involved in mapping task #9313 Gindabour to Kumfabiala (N12), Ghana #Leclara #Liei-Larabanga this was also another of experience and collaborations physically at OSM Uganda and Virtually with all the percipients in the mapathon on SOTM Africa 2021 Day 3, this was one of the historical days in me because of the inspirational stories by the speaks like Michael Kaluba who share his life story to OSM where by he joined at campus and up to now, he is still an active member and has gained a lot for OSM as a community. The event was so collaborative and all participants where encourage to ask questions and all question asked where thoroughly answered by the speakers. I personally learned a lot form the collaborative different speakers from kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia and all the individual participants not forgetting the comments and funs made by the organiser Geoffrey Kateregga in the chats section which made the whole session interactive and collaborative.

Location: Drakenstein Ward 8, Drakenstein Local Municipality, Cape Winelands District Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

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