Howto make your own Garmin etrex gmapsupp.img (Part 2)

Posted by Yabba on 23 December 2013 in English (English)

Due to changes around splitter and mkgmap here my update for easier building gmapsupp.img for the (now) older Garmin etrex:

You need the latest Splitter from "" Get the latest Snapshot of mkgmap from "" If you like, choose a *.typ file of your choise. I used Computerteddy's "teddy.typ" ""

This is my bash to generate a route-able Map for Poland & Germany on a Garmin etrex: (You can add more *.pbf to cover more countries/regions)

wget -t0 -c
cp poland.osm.pbf working/
wget -t0 -c
cp germany.osm.pbf working/

cd working/
java -enableassertions -Xmx3096M -jar ../splitter.jar --description="OSM Map 2013-01-20" --max-nodes=240000 --output=xml --keep-complete=false germany.osm.pbf poland.osm.pbf

java -enableassertions -Xmx4096M -jar ../mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --name-tag-list="name,name:de,name:en,int_name" --generate-sea:multipolygon --family-id=1331 --product-id=1   --net --tdbfile --route --reduce-point-density=10 --add-pois-to-areas --road-name-pois=0x640a --draw-priority=25 --latin1 --make-opposite-cycleways --remove-short-arcs --verbose  --mapname="MyMap20130120" --gmapsupp -c template.args teddy.typ

cd ..
## End

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