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Posted by Warin61 on 29 September 2015 in English.

These are used to warm up and practice bowling and batting for cricket.

Previously they were tagged leisure=pitch and sport=cricket_net …

But someone has pointed out that this in not a sport…

A documented suggestion is to use sport=cricket, barrier=fence .. but the argument is it is NOT A SPORT so you cannot use sport= anything! That suggestion is on

I’d think similar ‘restrictions’ will be imposed by the pedantic on other pitches that are only used for practice ..for example - half sized basketball courts - only used for practice .. not full sized due to space restrictions. So not a sport.. just practice.

There are similar concerns for sport=exercise, sport=fitness .. these too are not sports.. yet are found in the OSM data base.

So .. what tag to use?


exercise=cricket_nets description: A fenced area where cricket batting and bowling can be practiced.

And then there can be other ‘exercise’

exercise=exercise_station example: small areas set aside in parks with features to provide specific exercises. Usually free.

exercise=fitness_center example:An establishment with machines to improve physical fitness. Usually for a fee.

And so on ..

Or ?

leisure=practice_pitch ?

sport=cricket, basketball etc … this would indicate it is a practice pitch .. and that the full sport is played elsewhere. This is more restrictive, not covering exercise stations etc.


leisure=* .. as per normal then add sport_practice= cricket_nets etc .. indicating that only practice for that sport is conducted here. sport= would indicate that bother the sport and practice for teh soprt would be possible.


Comment from chillly on 29 September 2015 at 18:57

I hope you are not going to repeat the all the stuff in tagging@ mailing list.

Comment from Warin61 on 29 September 2015 at 22:42

Note everyone is on the tagging mailing list (thankfully). Placing it here means there is a wider view.

I am firming up on adding a new tag

sport_practice= * This replaces the sport tag in those areas where only practice for that sport occurs.. so you can have the usual leisure tags followed by

sport_practice=basketball_hoop for example where a hoop is provided to practice shooting baskets…

My main quibble is .. it is all very well to point out a problem somewhere .. but what is needed is a solution to that problem. So .. either * come up with a solution * raise the issue - for tagging problems the tagging mailing list should be best (note ‘should’).

But to place a message on the wiki page implying ‘don’t use this’ when there is no alternative given is destructive to mappers and the wiki.

Comment from SK53 on 30 September 2015 at 09:20

There isn’t a problem, and hasn’t been for years. The problem is only in the eyes of the active members of the tagging list.

Comment from Warin61 on 30 September 2015 at 10:36

There are many sources of this ‘problem’ …

The person who identified it as ‘not a sport’ .. on the wiki

The person who place it on the wiki as a ‘sport’

Possibly they are members of the tagging mailing list .. I don’t care. They are people and entitled to express their view.

I am on the tagging mailing list to learn how to make better tags .. some people there are helpfull .. some are not.

There are many more ‘problems’ of this type in OSM tags .. while people continue to accept those ‘problems’ and not seek better ways the ‘problems’ will continue.

I’d rather seek a solution that solves this ‘problem’ and gives solutions to ‘problems’ that have not yet occurred. Such as tagging basketball hoops used for practice.

“The traditions of the dead generations weight like a nightmare on the brains of the living” Karl Marx 1852.

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