In this changeset

a mass deletion of ways was done

And instead 9 - I say just 9 (nine) - building were added

Thank you so much Oh, lately I discovered that the landuse relations affected were more, spanning till to Bambari.

Please #MissingMaps when you’re going to work in a very dense mapped area, write few piece of advice; working in the middle of nowhere or in Bambari province does a lot of difference.

Location: Ouaka, Central African Republic

Comment from SomeoneElse on 7 February 2022 at 20:14

Thanks for reverting the deletions. If you don’t get a reply from the mapper please send an email to so that the Data Working Group can try and grab their attention if they start mapping again.

Best Regards, Andy (from the DWG)

Comment from UNGSC-DTLM-Ale_Zena on 9 February 2022 at 13:08

Oh many thanks Andy. The user replied and he was very sorry.

I started to pan all the area were we added landuse/landcover to recover and, sometimes, update the features.

Thanks again for your huge work on DWG Alessandro

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