Most accurate map around!

Posted by ToeBee on 22 April 2010 in English (English)

I am happy to report that OSM now has the most accurate data on the internet for the area just west of me! Google and Yahoo are both missing half the neighborhood. Bing is better but actually has streets listed that aren't completed or even under construction yet.

It's just a small section of the city but hey it's a start.

Location: Buckner Drive, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas, 66502, United States of America

Comment from Dion Dock on 23 April 2010 at 00:40

Is that because you did the work or OSM is correct already?

Today Manhattan, KS, tomorrow the world.

Comment from ToeBee on 23 April 2010 at 01:30

That would be thanks to me! And my Garmin. And my bike. I actually signed up on OSM to put in some bike trails in the area. Turns out I had to correct all the roads round my house before I could even do that because they were so far off. But now I've started moving on to other things that need tweaking in the area.

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