Batangas City: Improving the map more

Posted by TagaSanPedroAko on 7 May 2016 in English (English)

I am able to go to a 4-day vacation in Batangas City, where I am continually surveying the area and making more additions of places. Now, I am working on political mapping: mapping barangays and sitios/puroks, and their boundaries.

First work is missing or misplaced businesses and buildings or incorrect or missing business information. Bing has enough imagery to trace buildings, but for a newer building, it will be different. You would have to trace its outlines based on the building you saw on the survey. Business information (name, address, telephone/cell phone numbers, websites, etc.) can be obtained by a survey (if it is possible, a photo can help). A lot of businesses are still missing, especially on Poblacion, Alangilan, Pallocan West, and Libjo, but I am able to take advantage of going to SM City Batangas, Montemaria, and a resort in Libjo (I mapped it later). Also, photos taken from my new tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab A), combined with lat-long information (taken from satellites), are one of my sources of data I use. I made a move to Pan de Manila and South Star Drug in Kumintang Ibaba by photos with geo-location. I added a pedestrian crossing to the map, but, I added a nearby doctor’s office along with it, as it appeared on the photo. I added a new building near the south end of Jose P. Laurel Highway (named Manila-Batangas Road by the Department of Public Works and Highways on most of its length, or locally, National Road/Highway or Hilltop Road)

The second thing to work on is political mapping: mapping missing barangays and sitios/puroks, and barangay and sitio/purok boundaries, as well as the city boundary itself (yet, it was partly approximations, and further edits are to be done). So far, I am able to add barangay boundaries, with the first barangay boundary to add is the boundary of Alangilan. It was followed by boundaries of Barangay 17, 19, and 20 Poblacion, Santa Clara, Cuta, Pallocan West, Gulod Labac, and Libjo. For the sitios/purok, I started to map the boundaries of Duluhan in Cuta and Monte Maria in Pagkilatan. So far, I mapped 9 barangay boundaries and 2 sitio/purok boundaries. I hope more boundaries will be mapped in the future.

The third thing is mapping schools and barangay halls. On a trip to Montemaria and back to Duluhan, I took the advantage to map schools and barangay halls on the seaside barangays of Pinamucan and Mabacong. On barangay Alangilan, I added Casa del Bambino Montessori. School and barangay hall mapping, however, is slowly progressing in Batangas City, but may progress even further anytime in the future.

Indoor mapping of SM City Batangas is still slow, but I am able to add a few businesses, like Ace Hardware, or rename businesses, based on a physical survey I done.

Mapping of Batangas City is progressing, but slowly, and still, the area I prioritize in mapping Batangas City is the urban area, which forms part of the Batangas-San Pascual-Bauan urban area (“Metro Batangas”).

Location: Park Spring, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Calabarzon, 4023, Philippines

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