Mill Wood (Penrice)

Posted by Steven Whitehouse on 14 May 2008 in English (English)

So today I went back to Mill Wood to try and resolve how all the various tracks join up. According to my GPS I should be withing 10ft or so of reality when the sky is clear of trees, and between 20 and 30ft out in case of tree cover.

On that basis my mapping of the car park area and the surrounding tracks/paths should be pretty good, but it still looks a bit confusing around there. I think at least one more visit will be required to finally solve the mystery.

I have heavily edited that area, including things I added last time and also one path rollercow added. They now join up in the way that things appear on the ground, even if the actual location might be a bit iffy.

I'll try to take another track on the road at some point, preferably on foot since in a car the steep sides of the road at various points makes the signal rather poor I'd imagine.

I've added St. Andrew at Penrice and I need to go back again there to add some more tracks and things over that side as well. Still plenty more tracks to explore down in Mill Wood too. They are well sign posted which makes a change.

Comment from robx on 15 May 2008 at 09:29

Just to comment on GPS accuracy: My Garmin often claims around 4 or 5 metres, but is regularly off by 10 or 20 metres, and has on occasion been hundreds of metres off while claiming 5 metre accuracy.

Comment from Steven Whitehouse on 16 May 2008 at 09:29

My GPS is a Garmin too (Vista HCx) so I wonder if thats a Garmin specific thing, or whether its common to all of them (as I suspect). I presume that when it says "accurate to X ft" that its actually quoting a 95% confidence interval or something along those lines, but nothing in the docs seems to say.

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