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so i just come back from holiday, and i've totaled up around 1,200km of tracks (unfourtantly i did do alot more driving but i didn't think to turn on the gos tracking on my phone for the first half of the holiday) for roads mainly in croatia,but over the border to italy and slovenia, i think most of the bigger routes seem to already be on the map, but figured since i was driving around may as well have it tracking routes just incase :)

the area i stayed in seems like a blank canvase, but there was only a handful of roads, but i'll add in what i can, i'm actually surprised at just how much of it seems done already, unfourtantly seems like most of thje places i've been to have been added, but the odd bits that aren't shall help in the long run!

mapped bridgend, sort of

Posted by Stead on 2 September 2008 in English (English).

well i got round to mapping the town centre of bridgend, however, i haven't done it via gps, i'm hoping to do so make sure its accurate someday, but i figured its better to have it mapped in some sort of context.

the rhiw, and dderwen road have been mapped via gps, which hopefully has allowed me to add in the rest of the town with some sort of accuracy, i've made sure all oneway systems are correct, which so far everygps device gets wrong as they use maps from teleatlas i belive which show the wrong road directions for a few streets in bridgend, i've added in footpaths that i know of, and hopefully they are fairly accurate, i tried to use the outof copyright map to help place the streets as its a fairly old town, however at the zoom level it gives you its very hard, iv'e added a note to each road that isn't added via gps, if i get round to doing traces i'll udpate the notes to say so


Posted by Stead on 19 August 2008 in English (English).

so i've been happily adding in postcodes that I know.

however when searching it seems osm doesnt' seem to search the postcode field, you just get the free the postcode results

however my home street which i post coded as i made it, osm search picks up, the search function returns my street name, i'm finding this a bit frustrating, as a delivery driver i've added in some unusual postcodes (ones that don't seem to be on any map/gps/royal mail/etc) that i've confirmed with the people who live their and added, however these don't seem to come back in the search results (the last edits i've done are over a month ago and still not showing up!)

slightly frustrated, and wondering if i should contiune adding little bits here and there, i've left it for well over a month now, but went down some nice ackward lanes to find some farms today and decided it would be a good idea to add them in (if only for myself in the future when i forget ware they are!)

Hrmm, well yes the subject says it all, i've sort lost interest a bit in osm, i think its mainly the high fuel prices have made me less likely to go that extra bit further to map new roads, when i walk someware new tho i'll still happily add it in :)

anyways, the bypass over cowbridge, one direction of travel has been rendered as a straight line on osmrender and he proper osm map, when i goto edit the road is exactly how it was last week, i've added in some ramps to it and a very very small section of cowbridge, and that seems to of made the render go wrong?

I hope to finish all of pencoed at some point, its pretty complete, just new sections (which i did trace) but I didn't save the traces, and haven't been inclined to go back! (very rich housing estate in one bit and I feel a bit out of place to be honest....theres lots of small streets with dead ends only a few metres more and i noticed quite a few people watching me last time i did it)

House names

Posted by Stead on 12 June 2008 in English (English).

I've now got a small file of house names created with tomtom adding the location as a poi, i have currently 303 house names listed and all except maybe one or 2 are extremely accurate, (those small few are ones which i forgot to zoom to the closest level in tomtom and are slightly out of place)

i've made some nodes with house names on open street map by just putting a green node down in potlatch then adding the name tag with the house name, this doesn't show up in the renderer and does show up in search results :) (which is very useful for me)

is there anyway i can import these nodes/waypoints into potlatch? i've tried using poiedit 2007 to convert them to a gpx file to load them in but that doesn't seem to work.

I realise a lot of people aren't interested in this, but for me it would be incredibly useful, google is horribly inaccurate, poi's on tomtom are not very useful for remote locations as they just try to point you to the nearest road, often quite quite far away, i'd like to be able to search for a house/building and see exactly ware it is on the map so I don't get lost and to help my co-workers

Ynysybwl now exists!

Posted by Stead on 22 May 2008 in English (English).

Along with a very small part of talbot green. (which was already on the map but no streets before)

To those who aren't familar to ynywsybwl, its a small little town with exceptionally narrow streets, a seemingly frequent bus service, well, you see buses a lot because of the narrow roads and the fact they can't really get thru!

i've started on bits of it, I won't be adding all of it just the bits I drive down sorry!, although i shall try and make several detours to add in as many possible streets, however its no joy but theres a lot more detail than before!

Since I seem to be the only one who's added here, you can rest assured all steets i've added in have the correct speed limits (all the way to pontypridd) and I belive to have correct naming, although its confusing ware some streets start and begin as each street seems to have at least 3 names...

I've also added some more details and footpath's to my home town, i'm hoping if anyone uses these maps as satnav's they default roads without speeds to 48kmph, as i seem to of left a lot, keep meaning to add as much detail but for some reason teh maxspeed tag i always seem to forget.

I hope more add to this project, although its nice realising a bit to you often goto is completly blank and you get to start mapping, its nice to see palces you'd think wouldn't be added and then are in great detail!

I'm in 2 minds to edit the a470 dual carrigeway, just smoothen out he corners and what not, (same with m4 between cardiff and bridgend)

Slowly but steady

Posted by Stead on 1 May 2008 in English (English).

I've updated a bunch of roads that were out of place or just wrong in and around the bridgend area, I accidently changed a couple of roads that i didn't mean to(but reverted them back to the originals! phew!)

half of broadlands housing estate is now mapped, well, at least a third anyways, most street names are listed in english and welsh (some streets are only welsh it seems, have a nice large photographic collection of street signs which i'm sure some people have been watching me in confusion as i take pictures of signs...I must admit I do feel silly but I can never remember how these welsh roads are spelt!)

got a tiny bit of my hometown pencoed mapped, the main strech of tondu is complete except maybe one or too little roads including an accurate map of a new housing estate, also added 2 industrial estates (still need to get all the street names, also started on nantgarw industrial estate), also i think i've pretty comprehensivly mapped M4 J35, (would appricate any feedback, I tried to do it as detailed as possible) think i spent way to long trying to get the junction just right, and the shopping centre just next to it.

chucks of sarn have been mapped, a start on aberkenfig, a big B road previously onmapped has also been added in the small costal town of southerdown :)

A friend of mine has also been getting along slowly but steadily on bridgend, mainly brackla, and the industrial estates around the area.

I've only been going a week, I'm hoping to finish off my town within the next few weeks, at least the side I deliver to anyway.

I hope no one minds but i've been fixing up alot of roads adding in dual carrigeways and trying to lay more accurate road layouts, had to shift one of the dual carrigeways completly as it seemed to drive straight thru a small town.

(in case anyone is wondering why what i've done seems random its just the area's I'm driving to for work, as I drive to roads I add them in, I try not to go to far out of the way to add odd things as fuel is expensive these days!)

Started Mapping :)

Posted by Stead on 28 April 2008 in English (English).

Started adding my first roads in last night, after waiting a good 9 hours to upload my trace, then be told its invalid then convert it to the right format and reupload again (another 9 hours!)

anyways. I've started mapping the pencoed, heol y cyw, brynna area's (heol y cyw is practically complete apart from street names which i will collect over the next few weeks), and around 2/3 small streets which you are not allowed down. also theres a lot of water works in my area so many lanes I cannot drive down as they are closed for a few more weeks for maintance (and some are just so bad i'm avoiding till last)

even got some streets that no other major map provider has (yet, and since I live in wales will proberbly be another decade away unless they use this data!)

I must admit I get a great satisfaction from adding to the maps!

Glad to be part of this project ;)

Just wanted to say i've started editing for my area, tomorrow when driving around I shall my trusty gps on all day and see what streets i get, and then see if i can figure out how to add stuff, not just edit the wrong roads!

So far i'd added the road names to the roads in my area that before there were none :)

As i've stated before I work as a courier so most of the roads shall hopefully be added completly within the next few weeks, but I just want ask one question (as i'm not sure ware to ask questions, sorry for using the diary for this!)

What happens with postcodes? are postcodes used at all, can I add a tag on the road for the postcodes that I know?

And finally, I deliver to a lot of new housing estates that do not yet appear on any maps, even the 2008 ones! (at least i've looked on the navteq and teleatlas is it? and there not their, even tho they've been here for a good few years, but some upcoming new ones, and, oh yes, Is it possible to add 2 different road names? for example, most of the new housing estates thing its really cool to have an english and a welsh street name, now my sat nav only has one, and usually addresses are either, with no sort of order, maps only ever display one, can i add another tag under road name called 'alternative name' or perchance say one as 'native langauge' and the other as english road name?

Many thanks, I was actually thinking of trying to start something like this before i found it! (saved me many countless hours of frustration as i'm not a very good programmer..)

Hi, i'm new

Posted by Stead on 23 April 2008 in English (English).

Hi, I'm a bit confused, I have a windows mobile based device with built in GPS, I'm a courier, and have been looking for an open source map to be able to map housenames to, the area i'm in isn't covered at all, i'm willing to edit in most of it as i drive it everyday, if someone can suggest an app for me to use that will work with windows mobile to trace routes.

I was thinking of writting an app myself to make down road names, start and end, house names/numbers etc.

any feedback appricated :)

Can you add house names to this? that is one of the most useful features as a courier, I currently have 185 house names mapped as poi's in my tomtom, is there anyway to import them into the database?

Also this may sound crazy, but is anyone writing a satnav that can use this map?