IBGE Layers in JOSM

Posted by Skippern on 4 May 2014 in English (English)

With the descent addition of IBGE layers in JOSM, and the improvement in Bing imagery, as well as improved quality of MapBox Satellite imagery, the speed of tracing have increased.

By using the layer "IBGE Mapa de Setores Urbanos" I quickly can fill in street names as I trace. The layer is somewhat misaligned, and limited only to urban areas, but recognising the shape of streets close is a good way of combining the names onto the right street. A few places additional information, such as schools, churches, health stations, etc are noted on the map. I increase this information as much as possible.

By using the layer "IBGE Mapa de Setores Rurais" I get information such as main road nomination (ref-tag) on rural roads, names on rivers, streams, and other waterbodies, important industries, names of villages and fazendas (ranches), and some other landscape features. Many peaks are named and heights noted. This layer is almost perfectly aligned, but tracings should still be done from Bing or similar. Areas where three-cover makes it difficult to identify the trace of roads and rivers I switch back between this layer and the satellite layer in use.

MapBox Satellite have improved their coverage worldwide, and in some places their images are of newer date and better resolution than Bing. There are still large areas missing Bing (some small parts of it have MapBox coverage), but these areas are slowly shrinking, and hopefully we get to trace all of Brazil soon.

I still have the file with IBGE addresses, though with the addition of the two IBGE layers, this archive is almost not needed. I still have it at hand in order to add street names in rural areas, where I don't get satisfactory information from the other sources.

Details are coming to the map all over Brazil as a result of these new layers and improved imagery, now I hope that some of the help we get from outside also tries out these layers. I know that accents are missing on most parts, but that is a minor problem, routing is not depending on it anyway.

Location: Muquiçaba, Guarapari, Microrregião Guarapari, Greater Vitória, Mesorregião Central Espírito-Santense, Espírito Santo, Southeast Region, Brazil

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