Progress Note February 2013

Posted by Skippern on 16 February 2013 in English (English)

I am running out of motivation of doing any organized mapping. Partly because things I have wanted to do is coming to an end (I have reached the bottom of the stack of available data from the Brazilian hydrographic, and have traced most of the area surrounding Guarapari, and added most street names according to IBGE in the vicinity of Guarapari, etc.) Also it slows down my work with the INT-1 tags, as I am getting to a point where high technical knowledge of Inkscape and defining how much additional data should be availlable in the tagging preset, etc. Also while I am onboard it is limited how much I can test features with Go Map!! as the wireless data connection have limited bandwidth, divided by too many users,

The result have been that the last few weeks I have done random tracings, both Bing, and IBGE addresses, around EspĂ­rito Santo, mostly in the area of Grande Vitoria, but also some random edits further out. Closer to Grande Vitoria I have also worked my way around some landuse and natural landcover, getting woods and agricultural land as well as a little industry on the map. I hope that the increase in colours on the map can help recruiting more people to the project, and getting even more colour on.

Further, the more street names that get onto the map, the better routing works.

Also the more complete the map is with seamarks, the more value it gets as an alternative to commercial navigational maps for the hobby navigator. I know OpenSeaMap is actively working improving their interfaces and additional data layers such as harbour and marina guides, depth sounding database, etc. Looking forward to seeing the new base layer with more maritime friendly colours.

Yeah, and my possition is a little approximate, I am currently on vessel waiting in line to take fuel at a tanker moored in the southern Campos Basin, at Petrobras Tanker Mooring no 6 (bla bla bla yeah I know safety bla bla bla accident waiting to happen bla bla bla)

Location: P-12

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