Back at work

Posted by Skippern on 18 January 2013 in English (English)

I am back at work, that means I will be able to do some more focused work.

The beta testing of an iOS editor (working name was OSMiOS, final name became Go Map!!) have allowed me to do random editing on lazy hours. As Go Map!! Is getting closer to official release (currently awaiting pre-release review by AppStore), and significant improvements done in the usavility of the app, I believe I can in near future have close to daily contribution to the project.

For the upcoming weeks I plan to continue my seamark importation, will complete coastal seamarks, and hopefully do a good impact on inland seamarks. Parallel with this I will improve my INT-1 tagging preset, mappaint style, and icon library, as well as some other preparations for other imports (still lot of work with IBGE Census addresses of Espírito Santo)

I will also if time permits, look at some documentation, such as continuing translation of Key/Tag wikipages to Portuguese, updating status on wikipages for areas I work, add more Brazilian information to

There are preparations under way at to get a more nautical base map rolling, I am taking part in that process (this far mainly via mailing list, but also have submitted a MapCSS file for test purposes), I will continue on that process, either purely as a professional advisor, or more actively with edits to the style sheet.

Location: Cajueiros, Macaé, Microrregião Macaé, Mesorregião Norte Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Southeast Region, 27915-010, Brazil

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