INT 1 Tagging Preset and Documentation

Posted by Skippern on 26 October 2012 in English (English)

As a result of my reversed engineering of OpenSeaMap data model, I have gotten a lot further on both my tagging preset and my INT 1 documentation. I might need to do a cleanup in the tagging preset shortly, but at the moment, I'll focus on adding all the correct keys and values to the preset.

Next step on the preset will be to clean up the preset, getting the keys in logical order, with the values of combo and multiselect sorted in a logical manner (most used on top, the rest in alphabetical order?)

Some might have noticed that I create documentation pages for various keys and values as I continue on the documentation. That is because there are already usages of most of these, some times several thousands, and they are part of complicated schematics. I will try to make this as documented as possible. I hope that the team behind OpenSeaMap can go in and document some as well, that can help me go in the right direction both on the tagging preset and on the wiki documentation.

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