Vespucci 0.9.7 released

Posted by SimonPoole on 3 December 2015 in English (English)

Yesterday evening the release version of Vespucci 0.9.7 hit the google and amazon app stores. While not quite as fast as I intended, we did manage to get this out just 5 months after the release of 0.9.6 in July, my expectation is that we will continue to increase the frequency of releases going forward.

The most user visible difference in 0.9.7 is the reworked Notes and “Bugs” support. This can now work offline and supports, besides OSM Notes, warning and error reports from OSMOSE. One of the nicer aspects is that you can “auto-download” Notes and OSMOSE data (this naturally requires that you are online) independently of OSM data proper and with two “clicks” inspect a report, download the element in question, zoom to its position and select it:

Further the short cut to the “Tag only” editing mode has now been made official (long press on the lock icon) and we have a greatly improved documentation site. For more information see the release notes.

Happy mapping!

Comment from romanh on 3 December 2015 at 14:15

Danke für den Update, Gruss Roman

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