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Posted by SimonPoole on 7 March 2014 in English (English)

The iD editor has used the name suggestion index for quite a while and it was something that I wanted to support in vespucci in the upcoming release. The one thing you do want to reduce in a mobile app is typing.

Basically the idea is to suggest correct spelling (and tagging) for some of the more prominent chains of restaurants and shops to the mapper. The way it works in vespucci now is slightly different from the current implementation in iD and at least some aspects might be worthwhile supporting there too.

Using the name as a short cut for tagging

If you are creating a new object, or adding tags to an object that previously didn't have relevant tags you can use the name as an "Ersatz"-preset (note vespucci supports normal JOSM-style presets too, and I may expand this functionality to automatically add further tags from the presets):

Enter the name tag

Start typing and get the auto-complete list

Further typing refines the list

Selecting the correct item set the name and the corresponding tags

Adding the name to a "pre-tagged" object

In the example the building has already been pre-tagged with amenity=restaurant, which while not really wrong is not the best tagging for a fast food restaurant.

Enter the name tag

Start typing and get the auto-complete list

This includes suggestions not just for amenity=restaurant but for potenially further refined tagging.

Select the correct name after further refinement

Vespucci now asks for confirmation if the old tags should be replaced.

The new functionality is available in the vespucci test builds.

Comment from Vincent de Phily on 7 March 2014 at 16:05

I like that, but I'm a bit worried that I won't notice when a completion is just for the current textbox, or will autofill other stuff as well. Can I choose between auto-filling just the current field or all the preset's fields ? Does undo work on the autofill, maybe spliting the action into 'autofill textbox' and 'autofill preset' ?

Another point is that the use-case for vespucci is very different from desktop editors. For example, I do mostly housenumbers and POIs in Vespucci, wereas my JOSM edits are more varied. It would be great if the completion index prioritised data from vespucci changesets, so that for example "addr:housenumber" comes up before "admin_level".

Comment from SimonPoole on 7 March 2014 at 16:26

First things first: the name suggestion functionality can be turned of in the "Advanced Preferences",

The new functionality is -only- triggered by entering something for a name tag (with the exception of objects that are highways), the rest of the auto-completion behaviour is unchanged.

When it applys the tags it will always ask for confirmation if it actually replaces something already present. You can always reload the original tags in the tag editor with the undo functionality if somethig goes massively wron. At this point in time however there is no fine grained undo in the tag editor.

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