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Posted by SimonPoole on 25 February 2014 in English (English)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done a substantial amount of work on vespucci the OSM editor for Android, with the goal of a new release 0.9.4 some time in March. While a lot of the work is under the hood, there are a couple of new features that will make editing with vespucci a lot easier

  • support for overlays (for example the OSM GPS tracks)
  • imagery configuration from OSM imagery index hopefully making it easier to keep the available imagery updated
  • support for imagery offsets
  • multiple simultaneously active presets (vespucci uses JOSM presets)
  • support for accessing the API with https and OAuth

and not to forget, you can now zoom out completly without getting sea sick :-).

Since google has stopped supporting new downloads from the google code site, new releases and beta/test builds are available on google drive:

Comment from Zverik on 26 February 2014 at 08:37

Would you add an imagery offset database support? At least for downloading offsets.

Comment from SimonPoole on 26 February 2014 at 08:44

That is the plan and that is one of the reaons I redid the imagery configuration (so that we have consistent imagery URLs available).

Comment from Vincent de Phily on 26 February 2014 at 09:18

Thanks for the ongoing work, will try the prereleases.

Comment from RobJN on 26 February 2014 at 16:02

Looks good, will test it when I’m next out mapping.

My big request would be to use Vespucci to help conflation of external data. So for example, load open data from a government into a holding database, and be able to intergrate this into OSM using Vespucci whilst out on the ground.

Comment from mircozorzo on 24 March 2014 at 16:36

Thank you for the work!

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