3D Micro Mapping

Posted by SharpSharp on 4 September 2020 in English (English).

I recently came across Simple 3D Buildings and thought I’d have a go with some of housing on my street.

The documentation is thin so the learning curve is steep. I’ve installed the Kendzi3d plugin to JOSM which is helpful. Getting a view of what you have mapped is difficult because the data refreshes of OSM Buildings and F4map are few and far between. The Kendzi3d viewer enables confirmation of details on a single building, but I’ve not used it for whole streets or housing estates.

Working with parts of buildings in difficult. I’m not sure how to override the default settings for buildings. One suggestion was to leave all 3D data out of the main building and only include that in the Building Part. Working this way the rendering engine still draws the default white block for the building type and can completely hind the Building Parts. I’m working though some ideas on how best to get round this issue.

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