After doing this intensely for 8 months, constant COVID-19 lockup, it’s depressing how poor the quality, but foremost the tag completeness is. At times it’s like boxcars. There’s many who never seem to follow up on their issues left behind, unconnected ways, routers, they don’t understand 2 end nodes 1 meter apart… there’s no way for them to go from one to the other. We plod on though and keep witteling away at it. Both the navigators I use are OSM data based so whatever I can resolve along the ways I traverse, helps me plotting the next long distance cycle tours in particular… is it up or down, the angle, what quality is the surface, yes here in Abruzzo it’s not a given, many cracks and potholes… cost me 2 wheel rims already so recently switched to 2.5 inch wide rubber wheeled bike… much more conformable. Keep going.

Comment from marinheiro on 27 March 2021 at 17:58

I started mapping Abruzzo years ago when there was nothing there at all apart from the motorways. I remember the first thing I added was the station and Viale Umberto I in Pescara, then the town of Penne and countryside around it. As it by magic, people saw that and started filling in the rest… Looking at it now, its amazing how complete it looks. I hope your problems don’t come from my mistakes learning to map in the early days (or from me trying to map from a little gps in a car - not very accurate on the (many) curves).

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