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Posted by Richard on 8 March 2010 in English (English)

OSM's National Cycle Network coverage is astounding and one of the reasons why everyone loves OpenCycleMap.

With the sun finally emerging once again (yay) we've got the chance to fill some of the gaps and make it really useful. Anna and I went out on Saturday to map a recently opened section of National Route 45 (south of Worcester), and it occurred to me that a few afternoons like that would complete coverage of several high-profile routes.

So I had a look at the map and have identified a few that could be ticked off in an afternoon by nearby mappers. Obviously, some are already in hand - Gregory W cycled most of NCN 1 last year, for example, and I've got a few planned for this year.


  • To complete NCN 3: St Austell to Truro is only partly mapped
  • To complete NCN 4: Tiny little section in north Bristol (near Catbrain!) needs doing


  • To complete Great Central Cycle Ride: missing section through Daventry


  • To complete Lon Teifi: NCN 82 from Cardigan to Fishguard


  • To complete the C2C: Forest section near Keswick - the one gap in our coverage of the NCN's most popular route!
  • To complete the Pennine Cycleway: NCN 68's alternative route via Burnley and the Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath is only partly mapped.
  • The new Way of the Roses*: a coast-to-coast route being launched this year, roughly Morecambe-Settle-Harrogate-York-Bridlington. East of York it's fully mapped. Morecambe to York is not yet fully signed. But it'd be great to have it mapped on OSM at launch.
  • Hadrian's Cycleway (NCN 72) and the Reivers Route (NCN 10) could be completed with a little effort.
  • A few gaps around Sheffield could also be completed fairly easily.

Any takers? Or any other gaps in big routes that people have spotted?

(I posted this to talk-gb too and there's been some discussion already.)

Location: Severn Stoke, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

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