Cycle node networks and mountain passes

Posted by Richard on 4 October 2017 in English (English)

I've just added support for a couple more tags to's directions and thought it worth mentioning - everyone likes seeing their mapping being used.

First up, now includes 'knooppunten' (cycle node networks) in turn-by-turn directions. These are found in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany, and help you navigate dense cycle route networks. Here's an example:

Knooppunten example

This picks up rcn_ref= or lcn_ref= tags on nodes. also includes mountain passes in the turn-by-turn directions, for people who like riding somewhere hillier:

Mountain pass example

These are nodes (on highways) tagged natural=saddle or mountain_pass=yes with a name tag. If there's an ele tag, this will be output too.

Live in Western Europe now; will be in North America in the next update in a week or so's time. mapping and routing is updated from OSM roughly once a month. And thanks to everyone who has added knooppunten and mountain pass info to OSM!

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