New Potlatch 3 release

Posted by Richard on 24 January 2022 in English. Last updated on 25 January 2022.

A handful of minor changes, mostly around changeset behaviour:

  • You can now choose to automatically close a changeset after saving
  • Trying to save into an already-open changeset will show a warning dialogue if the resulting bounding box would be too big
  • The currently open changeset is automatically closed when you quit P3
  • Unpaved roads (as indicated by their surface or tracktype tag) are now drawn with a brown casing
  • Keyboard issues on the latest Macs are fixed

Plus a couple of other little fixes. You can download P3 at .

P3 continues to be offered with Mac and Windows builds plus an AIR file. I’m hopeful that there’ll be a Linux build in due course but that’s waiting on licensing decisions by Harman, who maintain AIR. The Mac build is fully notarized; the Windows build is self-signed so you need to click through a warning dialogue (I’ve experimented with using signtool to fix this but the whole process is so deeply painful that I gave up after many hours of trying).


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