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POI Txt2Osm

Posted by Remiguel on 24 July 2013 in English (English)

I have just finished to write a php script to convert csv file to osm format. I wrote this script to import my own poi in osm database. input file has to be csv (coma separated values) e.g. -3.7005864,40.4891297,”text”,”text2”,”text3” or text without quotes. The osm file can be read with JOSM, to check the data before importing them in osm database. The source code will be available soon on my personal web page.

tested succesfully with Firefox and Safari. Not working with IE



OSM Poi Export for Spain

Posted by Remiguel on 15 May 2011 in English (English)

For those who need POI from OSM in their Gps. I have adapted the excellent Poiexport ( for spanish territory. The frontend is very similar but the way to fetch POIs is a bit different.
spanish, french and of course english language are available. I will extend very soon this "service" for France, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.
Of course my code source will be available as soon I have time and found a simple way to do that.

Update: my page is covering France, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and of course Spain. Files are updated monthly automatically.

My page is available here:

More explanations here:

Abandoned railway in Brittany

Posted by Remiguel on 23 September 2010 in English (English)

In Brittany and particularly in the north coast we have a nice heritage of old railway bridge. I use to tag, these bridges as Railway = abandoned, bridge = yes and layer = 1. I was wondering whether we could redraw the complete railway net on OSM without interference with current highway.
What could be the best solution in the case a street was built on this abandoned railway?
Draw a way parallel to the street and tag it railway = abandoned?
Over the street but on a new layer?
Not to draw this abandoned railway at all in current OSM project?

Berceau de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Posted by Remiguel on 29 August 2010 in English (English)

Yesterday I ve mapped the "Berceau de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul" in les Landes. I have mostly used my geotagged pictures, and some Gps tracks. The french cadastre has been a good support to draw building shape and I have checked buildings names from a local board picture. This work has to be completed mostly in the private parking lot and hangar areas. I have not been in these areas and I have obviously no pictures.
Unfortunately some of my pictures were tagged with GPS Motion (Pict + Gpx). This application is great but doesn't write meta information embedded in pictures. I found the application "Prune", useful to correlate Gpx file and picture data to create pictures with Exif data. From now, I use native picture of my iPhone ... natively geotagged :-)

Location: Le Berceau de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Dax, Landes, New Aquitaine, Metropolitan France, 40990, France

Osmarender rendering issue

Posted by Remiguel on 25 August 2010 in English (English)

I am still getting trouble with Osmarender coast rendering. I do not found out what I am doing wrong. Please help needed to find what's really going on there:

Location: Los Caballos, Cuchía, Andraka, 39318, Spain

Rendering coastline with Osmarender is failing.

Posted by Remiguel on 23 August 2010 in English (English)

Does anybody know why the rendering with Osmarender is failing after updating a coastline in tiles where an island is?
I have got this mistake only with ways/lines from "source PGS".
The rendering of water is not respecting the coast way rule (land on the left side and water on the right side of the way). I tried to fix this error on Suances coast and finaly, I found out that the only way to get a correct rendering was to erase the islands in front of the coast and redraw them manualy. Hope this time it will work!

Location: Los Caballos, Cuchía, Andraka, 39318, Spain

Santillana del Mar (Spain)

Posted by Remiguel on 24 August 2009 in English (English)

Just update Santillana del Mar (North of Spain) according to my Gps traces, geotagged pictures and with help of the city map received at the parking entrance. Very useful map for the visit and to remember all the places we visited.

Location: La Casa Nueva, Santillana del Mar, Costa Occidental, Cantabria, 39360, Spain

Puerto de Canencia (Madrid Spain)

Posted by Remiguel on 12 April 2009 in English (English)

I have tracked today, a new Hiking path (for me) in Sierra de Madrid. Winter seems to come back. Paths there were covered with snow and ice again. Just beautiful.

Location: Hoya de la Vieja, Canencia, Sierra Norte, Community of Madrid, Spain

Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)

Posted by Remiguel on 6 April 2009 in English (English)


After spending a nice and relaxing week end In Jerez I have upload my traces and began to edit the historical center. Streets there, are beautiful but narrow, therefore Gps reception was often not accurate at all. Geotagged picture have been a good support and Yahoo as well...

OSM offline in my iPhone

Posted by Remiguel on 13 March 2009 in English (English)

For those who want OSM offline, instead googlemap in their iPhone. I found a simple way to do that. I wrote a step by step... in french, but with all the pictures, it should be easy to figure out, how i did it.,33816.0.html


Nüvi-Garmin OSX OSMtoIMG

Posted by Remiguel on 19 February 2009 in English (English)

I am mapping with a small Nüvi-Garmin and editing with JOSM on OSX. I like hiking with the last uptodate OSM Map and have looking for a user friendly application to export data from OSM to Img.
I found DoMyMaps written by Lao. But the download link is currently dead. Lao is correcting some issues and will hopefully share his program again, at the end of March 2009.
I found also a small application call OSMtoIMG (really descriptive name)and have try it out. The result was good enought according my expectation.
I do not know why this application was anounced on OSM Wiki Cache) and now removed. Does somebody know the reason of stopping linking this application. Has somebody got trouble with this software? Any information would be welcome.



Cycleway Madrid (Anillo Verde)

Posted by Remiguel on 9 November 2008 in English (English)

I have tracked the cycleway from "Campo de las Naciones" to the end of the temporary deviation of the cycleway. The deviation is, on some track dangerous (Cycleway mixed with the car traffic).

Bus Stop Madrid City

Posted by Remiguel on 8 November 2008 in English (English)

I have collected Bus stop position of line 1, 2 and 7 in Madrid Spain. Today I began to transfer these data to OSM (Bus lines 1 and 2). Bus line number is visible in the note field and bus stop name in ... name field
Waiting to see how Osmarender will render that. It is a pity Mapnlk do not shows Bus Stop...


Import POI to JOSM => OSM

Posted by Remiguel on 25 October 2008 in English (English)

I was wondering how to import some personal POI into JOSM. the OSM file structure (for Waypoints or nodes) is quite simple:


(be advised that I have removed "<" & ">" characters in all of the following lines in order to make the message readable ...)

osm version='0.5' generator='JOSM'
node id='-1' action='modify' visible='true' lat='29.62679425837321' lon='-68.38277511961724' /
tag k='amenity' v='restaurant' /
tag k='Tel' v='0123456789' /
tag k='note' v='Sea Food' /
tag k='name' v='Atlantic' /
node id='-2' action='modify' visible='true' lat='11.712918660287082' lon='-28.076555023923447'
tag k='Year' v='1680' /
tag k='historic' v='castle' /
tag k='name' v='Fort' /

I have written some simple formulas in Calc (Open Office), where I past all my POI data.

="node id='"&N2&"' action='modify' visible='true' lat='"&A2&"' lon='"&B2&"'" (A2 & B2 are my cells where my coordinates are)
="tag k='"&H2&"' v='"&I2&"' /" (H2 & I2 are my cells where the data like amenity ...etc are)

Now, just select the final data result, copy it in a Txt editor and save the file as UTF8 no BOM as text with OSM extension. Open the file in JOSM et voila.

Hope this tip can help someone else. I can share my Calc file if needed (.ods or .xls).