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Cyclists @mapillary

Posted by Peter Neubauer on 10 June 2016 in English (English).

I think the statistics on the cyclists on Mapillary is very interesting. See the blog entry for full details.


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SOTM France and Mapillary - Thank you!

Posted by Peter Neubauer on 25 May 2016 in English (English). Last updated on 26 May 2016.

Hi there, last week I had the rare possibility to be invited to State of the Map France in Clemont-Ferrand.

It was fantastic to be welcomed by Mapillary power users Vincent de Château-Thierry and Jean-Louis Zimmermann and speak over dinner to Christian Quest, President of OpenStreetMap France. Thanks a lot for getting me to our stay at the Indigo-Camping site.

Christian Photo by JL Zimmermann

For the conference, it was great to see a whole lot of interest in the work we are doing for OSM and the wider community. Here is the link to my short presentation - the videos should be up soon I hope. Jean-Luis showed a LOT of interesting examples of the use of Mapillary for different OpenStreetMap applications, available as a wiki of links - check it out!

The Mapillary examples

Also, Jean-Luis is the master of 360 DIY rig mapping and congrats to your promotion in the OSM community to national secretary of OpenStreetMap France!

360 poles

Also, we got a lot of interesting opinions regarding improvements of upload, apps, editing and integration into JOSM, iD, OpenLevelUp and other projects.

Thanks a lot, and keep the ideas coming so we can get the best of the two communities to help each other out! Learn more how to use Mapillary for OSM.


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Hi there, I just wanted to point out that for the next step in providing high quality data to OSM, we at Mapillary are preparing to close the feedback loop for the algorithms not only on the mapillary site with blurring etc, but for potentially all other objects like street signs (more to come). You can soon tag things as points and rectangles in MapillaryJS, thus providing feedback on things that are good or bad, and even tag things yourself that you need in your own data, all in the 3D visual environment of MapillaryJS.

There also is a pull request pending for getting MapilaryJS to show up in iD for better visuals than the existing static images to start with so stay tuned!


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Hi there,

I’m pretty excited about Mapillary starting to approach large scale 3D reconstruction of places and cities. To start with, this will be used to correct bad GPS traces, but also to make a whole new generation of navigating images in space and time possible.

Think of it as a crowdsourced photosynth with free navigation and totally dynamic filtering for users, time and other parameters as a first step. I think this will further make a very positive impact for everybody using OSM and Mapillary for getting high quality information out.

See the Mapillary blog entry for full details. Feedback is very welcome!



Location: Västra Söderkulla, Söder, Malmo, Malmö kommun, Skåne County, Sweden

Finally, the last of the basic edit functions is live - manual blur/inblur of images by all users, if the bots don’t catch it, read more about it over at Mapillary’s blog

Today I tried to edit my first entry in the OpenStreetMap Wiki by adding a page for Mapillary. However, big thanks to Alexandre Magno who started even before that with the Portuguese version. This community is pretty amazing!


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Hi there,
starting on mapping up the Malmö central town area a bit better with my FreeRunner, anyone interested in helping out?

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