SOTM France and Mapillary - Thank you!

Posted by Peter Neubauer on 25 May 2016 in English (English)

Hi there, last week I had the rare possibility to be invited to State of the Map France in Clemont-Ferrand.

It was fantastic to be welcomed by Mapillary power users Vincent de Ch√Ęteau-Thierry and Jean-Louis Zimmermann and speak over dinner to Christian Quest, President of OpenStreetMap France. Thanks a lot for getting me to our stay at the Indigo-Camping site.

Christian Photo by JL Zimmermann

For the conference, it was great to see a whole lot of interest in the work we are doing for OSM and the wider community. Here is the link to my short presentation - the videos should be up soon I hope. Jean-Luis showed a LOT of interesting examples of the use of Mapillary for different OpenStreetMap applications, available as a wiki of links - check it out!

The Mapillary examples

Also, Jean-Luis is the master of 360 DIY rig mapping and congrats to your promotion in the OSM community to national secretary of OpenStreetMap France!

360 poles

Also, we got a lot of interesting opinions regarding improvements of upload, apps, editing and integration into JOSM, iD, OpenLevelUp and other projects.

Thanks a lot, and keep the ideas coming so we can get the best of the two communities to help each other out! Learn more how to use Mapillary for OSM.


Location: 55.329, 13.359

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