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The Importance of Community Mapping

Over the past two decades, in particular, mapping has become open access, since map data is increasingly used to support society facing crisis. As this goal gained momentum, a community-driven mapping interface emerged in 2003. Open Street Maps pioneered the way for easy updating and access to map data at your fingertips.

It was a marvel back then, and these mapping tools paved the way for Crowdsourced Mapping after the catastrophe in Haiti in 2010. However, there is still a large human resource deficit that can only be satisfied if we make OSM knowledge prominent throughout institutions and schools alike, as was cultivated in the OSM Guru Program during in-person training at JNTU, Hyderabad.

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The Importance of Every door App

Every Door is an Android and iOS app for creating and editing items in OpenStreetMap. It allows you to change node and polygon features, as well as create point features such as stores, benches, and building entrances. The source code is available on GitHub under the Open ISC license.

This program is specifically developed to help users keep amenities and shops up to date while also performing comprehensive micro-mapping.


We finally thank the Students of JNTU and department of Enviromatics for paving the way for commnutiy mapping using the Everydoor App


Location: 17.494, 78.391


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