Potlatch 2 und Bing

Posted by OxKing on 1 December 2010 in German (Deutsch)

Bing grade of detail blasted me away last night, as i discovered
there is a thing like Potlatch 2 when you park the mousecursor on edit.
But Potlatch 2 still need a lot of work.
Often after a while i can`t do a thing in it, it stucks,
but mostly able to save then. (thanks god)
If you choose othe Background, dim and sharpening option is forgotten.
The "r"-Key often has alzheimer and forget things when you click on the map.
The circle tool produces way to big circles. (In 1.4 you could draw a square,
hit that funktion and became an circle in the right size.)
The Key Value edit dosn't remember such as "yes" by itself when i type building,
nor rememberes "custom" values like bench on amenity.
There is a lot of work to do to make it as usable as 1.4 is.
But a few things are also really great. Like the menu down left,
or the nicer drawn ways and overall speed. Missing live editting btw...
But i think if there where Bing on 1.4, i woud still use 1.4 ATM.

Für die Deutschsprachigen:
Ich habe heute einen Blogeintrag zu Potlatch 2 und Bing Maps geschrieben,
wobei ich eher Bing mit Yahoo vergleiche, und weniger auf Potlatch 2 eingehe:

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