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The state of Anchorage, Alaska on OSM about 2 months ago

Hi Hans, you’ve made incredible progress with Anchorage! It’s always great to check in and see all the new features you are adding. Amazing job; I think you might be approaching Newton’s achievements!

Mapping Ballot Drop Box Location 9 months ago

Added on in the tiny town of Wishram in the Gorge recently, but this reminds me I should add more tags to it.

My first (and maybe last) blog entry 9 months ago

As an editor based on the US, I’m alway looking forward to hearing more from other US-based editors, especially given how pervasive Google Maps is in the US.

New to Open Street Map 10 months ago

Yep, if it’s a business with a physical location, then sure. The number of businesses in the area really depends on how many local mappers the area has.

My edits in Bergen County, part 14 about 1 year ago

Nice job, it’s awesome to see the progress you’ve been making!

Fixing Ellis Island's borders in the face of incorrect government data about 1 year ago

This is really an interesting read. Great work with a serious level of attention to detail.

Extracting building height from drone imagery almost 2 years ago

Wow, that is really impressive. Some seriously professional work there!

Updates to DigitalGlobe imagery layers almost 2 years ago

Thank you for all your contributions! DigitalGlobe access has been an incredible asset to the OSM community.

The Maps Team at Facebook is excited to announce RapiD Editor Partner Testing about 2 years ago

What a great tool! Hope this is released for all, as this might even help mapping in the US (West Virginia is a great example).

Departing Turkmenistan in June about 2 years ago

Thank you for everything you’ve done to improve the map in one of the least mapped countries in OSM. I’ll miss the interesting diaries about your adventures around Turkmenistan, especially as someone who travels regularly to less developed countries for work. You and Ann are superstar OSM contributors.

Best of luck on your next assignment or wherever your work takes you.

My First Edit! about 2 years ago

Welcome to OSM!

Saint Lucia forest about 2 years ago

Great work! The before and after comparison is really cool. Really obvious how much work went into it.

Spotting solar panels in London over 2 years ago

I know Google has machine learning pulling locations of solar panels from satellite imagery for their Project Sunroof tool. Seems accurate, if outdated at this point.

Definitely good to see some work going on to make renewables in all forms.

My edits in Bergen County, part 10 over 2 years ago

Awesome, looks great!

Three Days on the Road = About 30K Images over 2 years ago

I always appreciate your diary entries. Really cool to see how perhaps the most accurate and up to date map of Turkmenistan is being developed.

My edits in Bergen County, part 8 over 2 years ago

Looks phenomenal, really fantastic job!

My edits in Bergen County, part 5 over 2 years ago

Nice work! Really coming together over there. Hopefully we’ll see some businesses get added in downtown Hackensack soon, with all the new buildings added now.

Share your story: Open Gender Monologues about 3 years ago

I think everyone can agree that if there are issues with discrimination in the community, we need to get them out in the open and address them to find solutions.

The biggest possible issue I see has less to do with explicit discrimination and more to do with the small number of female mappers. This leads to a fundamental question of the cause of this (which is also a significant issue in the tech/engineering fields): is it because of a community that does not welcome women or does it have to do with gender preferences regarding specific types of tasks at an aggregate level? Since I don’t think that has been answered fully, I would encourage engagement on the topic.

Certainly, there have been studies that indicate that at a young age (grade school), girls feel a lack of confidence in their abilities in math/science, regardless of the fact that their actual performance in on par or better than significantly more confident male students. I suspect those beliefs, learned early in life, are a big factor in the lack of female engagement in the OSM community, given the generally technical nature of the work.

Share your story: Open Gender Monologues about 3 years ago

Hi Heather, I’m quite socially liberal, but like the other commentors haven’t seen any examples of discrimination against the LGBT community or women in OSM. I think without some concrete examples, claiming discrimination does more to harm the cause because it trivializes real, active discrimination against the LGBT community and women in other arenas.

I look forward to seeing some real experiences from women and LGBT community members as a result of this effort, since it will be good to have real examples to point to where they exist in OSM.

TIGER node/way burndown about 3 years ago

I think the burndown for nodes is pretty unimportant except in certain states/counties (looking at West Virginia).

However, 10 years is still a while to someone just to touch all the ways.