OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Posted by NorthCrab on 18 June 2023 in English (English). Last updated on 11 August 2023.

Greetings OpenStreetMap community,

Following the release of osm-revert, I’m here to share details about my new project, OSM Relatify. This tool is designed to simplify the process of editing public transport relations within OpenStreetMap (OSM).

Application preview

OSM Relatify is built with the goal of making public transport mapping more accessible and efficient. While it currently focuses on bus relations, the vision for OSM Relatify is to encompass a broader range of public transport mapping tasks.

One of the key features of OSM Relatify is its smart routing logic. It automatically constructs bus routes from given bus stops and ways, taking into account factors like one-way streets and roundabouts. This significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in managing bus relations, making the tool a valuable asset for both new mappers and seasoned contributors.

Future updates aim to expand the capabilities of OSM Relatify, including support for additional public transport types and enhanced editing features. You can find more details about the planned features here. The goal is to make OSM Relatify a comprehensive solution for public transport mapping on OpenStreetMap.

You can access OSM Relatify today at

I encourage everyone to explore OSM Relatify and share your experiences. Your feedback is crucial in refining the tool and guiding its development. If you find value in this project and wish to support its ongoing development and maintenance, you can find my donation information at

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Comment from Omnific on 18 June 2023 at 06:09

This looks fantastic, and might get me interested in adding bus routes finally. Awesome job!

Comment from NorthCrab on 18 June 2023 at 10:53

Hey! Right now you can only edit existing relations, meaning that if you want to add a new route, you will first need to create it in another editor (doesn’t need to be complete). Then you can simply fix it in Relatify. New relation creation is on the roadmap.

Comment from Percherie on 19 June 2023 at 02:53

Excellent, I’ve just tested two relationships but it didn’t work. But I’m sure your tools will be top notch.

I have an nginx error 504 Gateway Time-out

Tested on relationships 2647328 and 11307632

Comment from spiregrain on 19 June 2023 at 12:54

I too got a 504 Gateway Timeout error from nginx on relation 11318846.

Comment from Danysan95 on 19 June 2023 at 13:03

I’m receiving 504 as well on relation 9942289

Comment from mfdz on 19 June 2023 at 15:03

Very cool! Thanks!

Comment from MatthiasMatthias on 19 June 2023 at 21:13

I am also very curious! Got a relation load failed - 500 error for now, though. Would be great to list the relations that are in current view to get users started easier.

Comment from NorthCrab on 20 June 2023 at 03:21

Hey everyone! The gateway issue should be fixed now. There is a bug within the HTTP library I use ( that causes a connection pool leakage. After some time, it prevents new connections from being made, resulting in a 504 timeout. I have disabled the connection pool functionality, which will most likely resolve this issue.

Comment from NorthCrab on 20 June 2023 at 03:24

@MatthiasMatthias - Yup! I definitely want to add this.

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 10:14

Hey, that’s great.

How can I directly link to a relation?

I consider adding a link per relation in PTNA

Like the links to iD, JOSM and PTNA in the 3rd column

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 10:23

Holger from OpenTransportMeetup just pointed me to that

and that you’re going to add code for the load=1 …

and that you’re going to present this there on 2023-07-26 (don’t know yet whether I can make it on that day).

Comment from NorthCrab on 20 June 2023 at 10:24

@ToniE, simply pass a “relation” query parameter: In the future I may also add a &load=1 support (to automatically load the given relation), so if you want to stay future-proof you may also consider adding this parameter:

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 10:28

Thanks :)

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 11:17

PTNA Analysis: done, will be visible first for Australia @ 16:35 UTC today, last for Alaska @ 11:05 UTC tomorrow

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 18:58

Wow, this is really awesome!

I’ve fixed a bus route within few minutes very easily and the task was quite intuitive. Although collecting the new stops in wrong order, Relatify sorted them correctly, adding stop_position and platform with a single click per location.

Bus 271 needs some re-work due to long-lasting constructions in Deining. Relatify excluded the highway=construction and I was able to complete the route with the detour via Ergertshausen (south-west), Sachsenhausen and Hornstein. I did not upload that yet - have to verify the new stops first, based on MVV’s website (we have permission to use that).

This is much faster than in JOSM.

Thanks for the tool.

Comment from ToniE on 20 June 2023 at 19:10

Sorry, Bus 271 should not point to ‘localhost’

Comment from richlv on 22 June 2023 at 12:10

Hearing positive feedback from the local community, advertised it on Mastodon :)

Comment from giggie on 5 July 2023 at 11:34

I have found some problems with stich runs / stubs of routes that turn in turning circles. The tool doesn’t seem to know that the bus can turn there. Am I doing this wrong or can this be added?

Comment from NorthCrab on 5 July 2023 at 11:37

@giggie, I am already aware of this issue, and I have plans to address it in the future. Thank you for feedback :-) !

Comment from giggie on 5 July 2023 at 12:03

Thanks, also I noticed that highway=pedestrian in combination with bus=yes is not recognized as usable by a bus. Maybe this can be fixed? Or should the ways be tagged differently?

Comment from NorthCrab on 6 July 2023 at 08:19

@giggie, I’ve just added support for that :-)

Comment from JesseFTW on 9 July 2023 at 00:47

Thank you for this great tool – it’s inspired me to get back into (finally) updating Boston, MA, USA area bus routes to PTv2 (they are pretty much all present, but using V1 which makes them incompatible with all the cool newer tools). I’m tracking my progress on – glad for help if anyone is so moved!

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