Maps of Openstreetmap on T-Shirts

Posted by Obelixx on 30 November 2018 in German (Deutsch)

May I sell self-designed T-shirts showing maps from Openstreetmap?

Comment from alexkemp on 30 November 2018 at 23:50

If you produce the map via your own code, and give attribution to OSM for the map, then as I understand it, what you do with that result is your business.

Comment from kresp0 on 1 December 2018 at 08:22

I think that you only have to give attribution to OSM contributors. I don’t understand what alexkemp said about using your own code: why not use any open source code to generate the map?

Comment from Obelixx on 1 December 2018 at 22:41

What about using a map created with Mapnik?

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