Underground/submarines cables - are they correctly shown?

Posted by Obelixx on 20 December 2011 in English (English)

I discovered that several underground/submarine cables are shown in Openstreetmap. Which were the sources of their track? As on satellite pictures it is in most cases impossible to find out where they run and that they are not shown in most maps commercial available, it may be impossible to proof if a shown way of right is correct. Which are the used data for such objects? How exactly is their track shown?

Comment from Gnonthgol on 20 December 2011 at 21:31

What does the source tag say? Does the changeset have a comment or a source tag? If not send a message to the uploader asking for a source.

Comment from ToeBee on 21 December 2011 at 06:23

There was a discussion a while ago on the talk mailing list about submarine cables:

But I pointed out in the next message that this particular source did not appear to be suitable for OSM (license issues aside).

But maybe someone found another source. Not sure this is really OSM suitable data though. As you point out, it is pretty much impossible to verify the route except for short sections at the shore.

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