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Welcome to the tenth OpenStreetMap NextGen development diary.

This week the project becomes open for new contributors. Guides are ready, base code is stable, and more is on its way. Let’s get started 😎.

🔖 You can read my other development diaries here:

⭐ This project is open-source and publicly available:

🛈 This initiative is not affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Developers Discord

If you are a potential contributor, we have launched a Discord server for NextGen developers. There, we will provide you with quick, personalized support and guidance. We will also use it as the primary internal communication channel for the project.

Getting started can be difficult, but we are here to help.

Discord Developers Chat

Is This for Me?

We support Linux, macOS, and Windows (WSL2) operating systems. To contribute to the frontend, you will need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (without any frameworks). To contribute to the backend, you will need to know Python. We strive for simplicity and accessibility.

In the mid-term future, we will also seek help from translators, graphic designers, and software testers. Stay connected if that’s your area of expertise!

Contributor Incentives: We Pay You

We provide incentives for contributors who help with the project. We will even pay you for your time and effort. Click here, to learn more.

Getting Started Contributing

The recommended first step is to follow the Contributing Guide. It will guide you through the process of setting up your development environment and getting started with the project. There are also many other useful wiki pages! If you are looking for ideas to work on, check out the Issues page.

Introductory Meetings

We have planned four introductory meeting this week, with different hours and dates to accommodate your schedule. Interested, or just want to say hi? Join the events on Discord.

Events Discord Screenshot

Something is Broken?

Surely there are some things that we have missed. Please report any development problems on Discord or by opening an issue on GitHub. We will resolve them quickly!

Short-Term Goals

The project is still heavily focused on reaching feature parity with the original OpenStreetMap website. After that, we will provide a publicly available testing server.

Sponsors 🏅

This week’s work has been sponsored by 14 people!
Four private and four public donors on Liberapay, and six public on GitHub Sponsors.


Please consider supporting the OpenStreetMap-NG development with any amount. As a thank you, you will be eligible for the unique OpenStreetMap-NG Founder profile badge. You will also help to push the project forward 🏋.

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