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Welcome to the ninth OpenStreetMap NextGen development diary.

This week was focused on providing final touches to the core system. Within the few days I’ll publish details on how to get started contributing! Keep an eye for a dedicated diary entry 🙂/.

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🛈 This initiative is not affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Let’s jump into this week’s highlights.

macOS and ARM support

OpenStreetMap-NG development environment has received MacOS support. Meaning that it can now be developed on Linux, MacOS, and Windows through WSL2. The installation instructions are the same for all platforms and contain just a single step: install and run nix.

Changesets History Refresh

The changesets history sidebar has received a design refresh. It is now consistent with the overall style language of the OSM NextGen. It now also includes infinite-scroll functionality! The data loads as you scroll, no more clicking the “load more” button.

GPS Trace Animations on Hover

The next generation trace animations are now also displayed in the list view. Simply hover over the entry to see it in action. Previously, the animations were part of the individual trace details page.

Rendering a complete animation in the browser takes about 0.5 ms. It’s really quick and requires no additional data download.

General Refactoring & Fixes

With the first development release approaching quickly, this week I focused on doing finishing touches to many of the core components. It’s important to perform such edits now, to avoid conflicts with other contributors work in the future.

Project Sponsors 🏅

I want to thank all the project patrons. Thank you for your help in building the next generation maps!

This week work has been sponsored by 13 people!
Four private and four public donors on Liberapay, and five public on GitHub Sponsors.

If you can, please consider supporting the OpenStreetMap-NG development.

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Comment from GovernorKeagan on 31 May 2024 at 20:03

This is looking better and better every week!

Comment from grzegorz75jan on 9 June 2024 at 20:03

“The data loads as you scroll, no more clicking the “load more” button.”

Dobre. Jeszcze gdyby można było na skróty wskoczyć w wybrany miesiąc i rok.

Comment from NorthCrab on 11 June 2024 at 09:41

Zgodze się że w OSM brakuje dobrej metody filtrowania zmian. W dalszych planach mam zamiar dodać nową dedykowaną stronę, coś w stylu osmcha ale lepiej zintegrowaną.

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